Tips To Prevent Jock Itch

Have you experienced redness in the groin area accompanied with itchiness? Persistent burning sensation, flaking, peeling or cracking of skin down there. This rash might worsen with exercise and workout and is a sign that you might be hit by jock itch. The itch is just too shameful and irritating to scratch and can become very uncomfortable. The culprit here is a fungus that develops when heat and moisture is trapped in the body due to sweat soaked clothes. The moisture makes the fungi multiply quickly, which worsens with time. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Jock itch is a preventable condition. If you have ever been bothered by a disturbing itch down there, here are some tips to prevent the uncomfortable jock itch and stay healthy.

Tips To Prevent Jock Itch

Thorough Cleansing

Although everybody showers daily, but sometimes people get lazy to take a shower after a workout session and exercise. The major reason behind this unwanted itch is a fungal infection which develops when skin remains moist. After workouts, the clothes are soaked with sweat, which provides a favorable condition for the fungi to develop, leading to jock itch. If you want to stay away from this, make it a point to take a shower and thoroughly cleanse the groin area after your workout sessions.

Use Anti-fungal Soaps

Avoid using normal bathing soaps and go for the defense Soap Bar for athletes available in the market. This helps to keep any skin infection at bay, including jock itch. Normal bathing soaps contain chemicals, fragrances, and parabens, which can make your skin dry and itchy triggering the onset of jock itch. Refraining from normal soaps can be a valuable defense against jock itch.

Keeping Yourself Dry

You might have to take some extra precautions if you sweat easily and generously. After taking a shower dry yourself nicely using a clean towel, especially the areas prone to infection. You can use an anti-fungal powder to keep your intimate areas dry as they help fight moisture.

Loose Fitting Clothes

Loose fitting clothes prevent sweating, which can reduce the likelihood of fungus to grow. Skin hugging clothes rub against your skin making it more prone to jock itch. Loose fitting clothes allow space for air and natural ventilation to keep you dry and thus avoid moisture, which leads to jock itch and other skin infections. Try to change your clothes, especially undergarments at least once daily after a workout.

Moisture Wicking Undergarments

Comfortable undergarments which are loose fitting like boxers instead of briefs. Moisture wicking undergarments soak sweat and reduces the chances of infection. Wash your undergarments frequently, especially after workout. Choose cotton over synthetic under-wears as it has pores for air to seep in or you can choose some alternate fabric that is soft on your skin.

Don’t Share Personal Items

Jock itch spreads quickly through contaminated clothes, towels and underwears as filth aggravates fungus. Use a clean towel to avoid and also make it a point not to share your towel, gym shoes, athletic supporters and clothing as jock itch is contagious. If you have athlete’s foot the infection can soon spread to your groin area, if you use the same towel on your feet and groin.

Know When to Seek Medical Care

Know when to seek medical help as the doctor will guide you regarding the soap bar for skin care if it has spread a lot. Consult a doctor and do consider your allergies before buying an ointment or a cream. Continue the use of the ointment at least a week after the rash has disappeared.

Prevention is always better than cure, so take heart these easy tips and stay healthy.

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