Tips to Read the Codes on Car Tires

Have you ever wondered, what do the engravings on your tire indicate? If you are a keen observer, you must have observed a few alphanumeric codes engraved on your tires that is definitely speaking of something. Does that code get anything important that the owner of the car should know about? When asked about the same, the experts serving at the Monterey GMC revealed some facts that we thought as worth sharing. We hope that after reading this article, you will be prepared to decode the codes engraved on the tires of a vehicle.

A Set of Information

Since when tires got introduced in the automotive industry, the trendsetters thought of setting up some standards in support of the information that needs to be known by whoever will deal with the tires across the world. Hence the concept of embossing all this information on the sidewall of each tire that will denote the tire size, the standard inflation ratio, the date of manufacture, more.

Here they go:

What is “P 205/65”?

In this bunch of codes, the starting letter P stands for Passenger, while the number with three digits like the 205 is indicative of the section width is 205 millimeters in length. The number “65” speaks about the aspect ratio, in which Aspect is the height of the sidewall which here counts 65 percent the width of the entire section width.

If it is Written R 15 92 H

Then it means:

R — for the Radial construction

15 — That it fits on a 15-inch rim.

92 — This indicates the tire’s load index which is showing how many pounds this tire can carry at its standard level of inflation.

H — is the speed rating that this tire can safely handle. An H-rated tire generally speeds up to 130 mph.

Other information

Treadwear 520 Traction A Temperature A

There can be a treadwear grade written on the tire. A number like 520 figures, embossed on a tire will indicate the fact that if you place this tire on a scale, it will read 520 of traction reading. These treadwear grades were originally determined by the National Highway Safety Administration that will demonstrate how much heat and rolling this tire can resist.

To take other factors into account, a tire that comes with a treadwear grade of 200 will mean that it is rated with twice of the thread lives of one that is embossed with a 100 grade. In short, this treadwear actually speaks of the actual treadwear warranty of the tires.

44 psi

This one is in fact quite self-explanatory that says that this tire can take a hot-air pressure of 44 psi. as the topmost limit of the air pressure, it can take, and this much air pressure can be taken only when the tire is hot.

The Bottom Line

As per the Monterey GMC dealership experts to make a car to perform the best way it can, these codes will help you in all possible ways of maintaining the car.

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