Tips Which Can Save Your Carpets from Getting Permanently Damaged by Inappropriate Carpet Cleaning

In order to successfully remove stains from your carpets or rugs, it is essential to use the proper technique and the best stain removers for the particular case. There are some common mistakes, which people make when they attempt to remove a stain, which can cause even further damage and hiring professionals in carpet cleaning in Barnet to help remove the permanent unsightly stain.

First of all, do not over-saturate your carpet with too much carpet cleaning detergent, because you can’t get it out, and it will actually attract even more dirt and then the situation with the stain will become worse. So, use a spray to spritz some of the stain remover on a piece of cloth and carefully apply it on the stain with it.

Tips Which Can Save Your Carpets from Getting Permanently Damaged by Inappropriate Carpet Cleaning

Also, never rub the stain too firmly or too much. Use gentle dabbing motions in order to reduce the risk of spreading the stain and to avoid rubbing the spilled liquid or other spill further in the carpet.

Remember to use several clean clothes to treat a stain. The first is for actually applying some of the cleaning solution and the other to blot it up and remove it from the carpet. Use clean parts of the cloth for every new dabbing, and after you have removed all of the cleaning solution use a clean cloth for a final rinsing.

Don’t ever pour water on a stain, because not only will it dry very slowly, but it can damage the base of your carpet and even the flooring, not to mention the mildew and mould which can grow in a damp carpet. If you need to apply some water, use a spray bottle to drizzle it just slightly. Then clean it by dabbing with a clean cloth. You can repeat the procedure until you get all of the cleaning solution out of your carpet.

Remember that even if it looks like you have gotten rid of a stain, there is a chance that it will resurface and reappear once again once the carpet dries fully. This is why, it is recommended to cover the damp with a pile of paper towels, and place a weight on top of it so that it can absorb any leftover water and liquid. Leave it like that for a day, so that as the carpet dries, any leftover dirt or residue will get soaked up into the paper towels.

If you are still left with what looks like a permanent stain, then maybe it is time to call your preferred carpet cleaners to take care of the carpet stains professionally.

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