Tired Of Searching For Women’s Narrow Shoes?

Women with narrow or slim feet face a challenge when shopping for women’s narrow shoes. Some brands still product styles that are old-fashioned an on the side of ordinary in style. Many big box stores and even some shoe stores, don’t stock narrow shoes at all or if they do, the selection is small.

There are companies online where you can design your own shoes and get them in a narrow (AA) width, however, many of these online venues are expensive–$300 or more for basic shoes like sandals or pumps and even more for boots or custom athletic shoes.

Another issue for women with narrow feet find is many stores that do carry narrow or slim width shoes only carry the most popular sizes like 7 or 8, which doesn’t help those with smaller or longer feet.

Color is also a problem when shopping for women’s narrow shoes. Many stores also only carry basic colors like black and brown and skip the colorful and unique making it hard for those with a AA width to find the right dress, work and athletic shoes as well as sandals or boots.

There are, however, shoe stores that do consider these challenges and the very best ones offer the option of shopping in a store or buying narrow shoes online.

Know Your Size
An essential element when shopping  for shoes if you have a narrow foot is to get an accurate measurement of your shoe size. Many women with narrow feet assume a AA width will work when actually they may need a AAA slim width.

Before shopping for narrow shoes, take the time to get the correct measurement. Most reputable shoe stores will do this as a courtesy service and knowing your size will make the difference in buying a comfortable shoe and an uncomfortable shoe.

The Selection is Vast
Whether you shop online or in a retail shoe store, today’s women do have a greater selection of narrow width shoes than ever before. The price point doesn’t have to be out of your budget if you take the time to research stores that specialize in slim and narrow fit shoes.

From exciting sandal choices to boots to everyday pumps to dress shoes, the choices are extremely better these days they were a decade ago.

Forget the old-fashioned and unattractive, make sure you are measured to ensure you are buying the right size and then seek out the new and the fashionable world of women’s narrow shoes.

This artilcle was written by Jean Scheid.

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