To Blog Or Not To Blog

When it comes to internet marketing, some might say “Blog, blog, blog is just blah, blah, blah!”.   I can assure you, this mindset couldn’t be further from the truth.  Many small business owners aren’t fully aware of the vital role blogs play as an internet-marketing tool;  and how blogs can dramatically affect a company’s potential growth.  There are a number of advantages with utilizing blogs that may seem subtle but, in actuality, they are very strategic and powerful.

Blogs will allow you to boost your business by…

Establishing Rapport!

By adding a face and a voice to your site, you are engaging your visitors with a personal feel, which adds a dimension of connectivity to your audience.  This, ultimately, boils down to a public relations strategy that adds a touch of unity which builds rapport with your visitors and established clients.  Also, social media has changed the dimension of communication, forever.  People want and expect you to talk with them; and blogs provide an excellent opportunity for developing those relationships.

Promoting Your Expertise And Reliability!

Existing or potential clients might desire information regarding your product or service.  You can, through blogs, respond in a timely manner to ensure your visitors receive reliable,   genuine feedback, thereby, building credibility and trustworthiness.   Even if no client inquiries exist, blogs provide an on-going opportunity for you to assert yourself as an authority in your area of expertise.  When you are viewed as approachable and knowledgeable, you will, by default, draw people in and increase the potential for sales.

Influencing Search Engine Optimization!

Achieving elevated positioning in the search engine results pages is the ever-coveted goal for any internet site.  By adding constantly-updated and relevant blog content, you are feeding,  so to speak, the Google search engine spiders or crawler bots and providing a venue, by which, search engines can index your website more frequently.  Google updates their ranking system frequently, and places much emphasis on sites with blogs that are systematically renewed.  Google is exceedingly aware that people love fresh, relevant, high-quality content.

Blogs are a vital part of any company’s website; and it should never be underestimated  how well-crafted blog posts, that relate to search engine queries, can noticeably impact traffic flow to your site!  Blog posts should become part of your link-building campaign where you utilize arenas such as Twitter and Facebook to navigate traffic-flow back to your site.

So remember:  There’s nothing ‘blah’ about blogs!  They act as a powerfully effective internet tool and if never used, you are missing out on an impressive, profit-producing  internet- marketing strategy!

Miss Karen enjoys to write, and several of the many topics she writes about are blogging and Dallas SEO companies.

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