To Marrakesh! We Must Find A Rug!

The rug is an essential part of the household and the essential idea of having a rug is that it allows us to convey a part of our personality or show off some cultural identity. There are traditional rugs, shaggy rugs, pelt rugs, kid’s rugs, designer rugs… the list goes on. But to truly witness some original, cultural, hand-crafted, woven rugs it’s best to visit the city of Marrakesh.

The city of Marrakesh is the third largest city within Morocco. And one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Marrakesh, and a central hub for its economic growth, is the Souks. The Souk, in Marrakesh, is the largest Berber market within Morocco. The Souks have seemingly endless pathways flowing through hundreds of shops. The variety of shops act as a tunnel past a variety of stores selling musical instruments, upholstery items, food, lanterns, bags – the possibilities seem endless. Large rugs seem to provide the structure of the Souks which acts as an interesting decor to the labyrinth-like journey. You will surely get lost within the maze of bright elaborate, interesting items but just enjoy it – you’ll soon find your way.  If you’re planning a quick ten minute look around, I’d re-think your plans.

The variety of rugs available within the Souks of Marrakesh is quite astounding. There are plenty of expert crafted designers, who contribute to the international export of upholstery. Most of the rugs within Marrakesh use bold depictions and have decorative forms of cultural localities. These rugs and upholstery items are perfect if you want to adopt a bit of artistic diversity within your home.

However if you fancy purchasing one of these elegant, cultural rugs you might have a harder time buying it compared to choosing it. Haggling is an essential part of the Souks and if you don’t immerse yourself within the culture you’ll end up coming up short. It can be quite daunting travelling through the Souks as every person you walk past (and there are a lot of people there) will try and sell you something. Just be firm and if you don’t want to buy something don’t feel the pressure to give in. They enjoy it, so why don’t you? Get your poker faces going and do a little bluffing and they will eventually give in – but not without a fight.

Going to Marrakesh to experience the Souks is definitely an experience.  You’ll be fascinated and amazed and if you let yourself go you’ll have a good time. The variety of cultural upholstery, merchandise and crafts on offer is undeniably very interesting and well worth seeing.

Ben Johnson has travelled to Marrakesh and has experienced the culture. He now writes on behalf of The Rug Seller

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