Today’s Chair Lifts Offer More Features And Better Style

When movement becomes impaired, stairs can be an insurmountable barrier.  The patient is faced with the heartbreaking prospect of being unable to enter parts of their own home.  Ramps are a solution in a limited number of cases, but these are not accessible to all and often can’t be incorporated into the existing architecture.

Get A Chair Lift

For a growing number of people, the answer is a chair lift for stairs.  Once only a feature in the homes of the wealthy, these devices have now gotten much more affordable.  Chair lifts are now being considered even by those without impairment simply because they are so convenient and comfortable.


As the price has dropped, the technology has gotten better.  Things that were obstacles with older chair lifts have been worked out in the newer models.  Old-style lifts were often huge, heavy devices moving on double steel rails, but today’s models are smaller and mounted on sleek, unobtrusive tracks.  The old ones could only move in a straight line, but today’s models navigate curved staircases with ease.

Comfort Matters

They have gotten more comfortable, and the cushions look and feel better than the old ones.  Various styles and colors are available, so they can go with any home’s design.  Today, a chair lift for stairs looks less like equipment and more like furniture.  It takes up only a small part of the stairway’s width, so there is plenty of room for someone walking on the stairs beside the chair.  When the chair is not in use, it folds up becoming even less obtrusive.

Instead of being run by a belt that needs replacing, the chair lifts on the market today use a low-maintenance direct drive.  Power is provided along the complete length of the track, so the need to charge batteries has been eliminated.

Better Variety

Chair lifts are now able to accommodate a wider range of architectural features than their predecessors could.  Some homes have doorways or other obstructions at the bottoms of stairways, and the chair’s track must run in front of them.  Chair tracks with hinged sections at the bottom are now available, so the track can fold out of the way when not in use.

The mechanism and the upholstery are weather-resistant, so chair lifts can be installed outside and the user can regain access to gardens or patios that had become unreachable.  The resistance to moisture is also a good feature if liquids get spilled on the chair.  A quick wipe is the only clean-up needed.  Some chairs even have changeable upholstery, so if the room gets repainted, the chair can change color to match it.


When a customer purchases a chair lift for stairs, they usually have the option of getting on a regular schedule of inspections and maintenance.  This is a wise investment to ensure the long life and good performance of the chair, and it often includes an emergency repair service in the unlikely event of a malfunction.  These measures are important and should not be neglected.

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