Too Much Clothing? Maybe You Need To Clean Out Your Wardrobe?

You have just got back from a mammoth shopping spree at the January sales and you’re feeling very pleased with your purchases; you take them to your room, open the wardrobe and then the realisation hits you, you have no space left.  Several hours later after trying to rearrange your wardrobe, your chest of drawers, and even the space under the bed, you still have several bags full of clothes with no home.  You are facing a difficult decision: do you sell old clothes, take back the bargains or buy a new wardrobe?

The case “for” the new wardrobe
Needing a new wardrobe is a great excuse to go shopping again; you can explore all the different and unique ways to store clothes and choose something that suits your needs.  It is an opportunity to re-arrange and even to restyle your bedroom if your finances stretch that far.  A new wardrobe will give you the space you need to safely store your new purchases and if you choose the right one, it may even leave you with room for future purchases.

The case “against” the new wardrobe
While a new wardrobe will give you more space it will not create infinitely more space and you will soon be faced with the same problem again.  You also need to decide where the new wardrobe is going to fit; do you have space for more furniture without having to climb over it to move around your home?  There is also the expense to consider. Wardrobes and other clothes related furniture are not cheap and while there may be other cheaper clothes storage solutions, they tend to involve a lot of deflating and inflating of special bags. It is a lot to go through just to store a few extra tops, and is of no use at all for your growing shoe collection.

The alternatives
What are your other alternatives? You could stop buying new clothes and return the ones that don’t fit into your existing storage. Alternatively, if you live with other people you could ‘borrow’ some of their storage space; this could result in some very strange looks when they pull your clothes out of their wardrobe. If you don’t want the expense of buying a new wardrobe and you don’t want to part with your new purchases there is another alternative; you could sell old clothes.  Buy selling old clothes that you no longer wear; you can increase the capacity of your existing storage and make a little extra money as well.

The verdict
Selling your old clothes is the ideal answer to this problem – it gives you more space, keeps your wardrobe up to date and covers some of the cost of your recent bargains.  To make selling your old clothes a viable alternative you will need to be quite strict with yourself; it is very easy to convince yourself that you need everything and that you will fit into those skinny jeans that are two sizes too small.  Set yourself the challenge of removing everything from your wardrobe and drawers and only put it back in if you have worn it more than once in the last three months, or six months if it is out of season. In case you haven’t, sell on.  You might even earn enough to buy shoes to go with those new outfits.

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