Top 10 Ice Creams That Are Craved In Summer

The essential summer accessory is not a funky pair of shades or cute pair of sandals, but sweet, cool ice cream to beat the heat on a hot day. Boutique cafes may be developing their own sophisticated flavours such as strawberry with balsamic vinegar or green tea and lychee, but the old favourites are still the best.


Here are the top 10 flavours – in no particular order – with which to fill your commercial refrigeration if you are hoping to attract crowds this summer:

Cookies and Cream

Good old vanilla mixed with the singular taste and texture of crushed Oreo cookies. It’s modern but retains an old fashioned creaminess, and the cream and dark brown colour combination simply looks delicious.


Comfort food for high temperatures, choose from sweet, democratic milk chocolate flavour or sophisticated dark chocolate, either on its own or with toppings.


The best selling flavour is also the most versatile – it’s the perfect accompaniment to cakes and fruit and works with every flavour or sauce or topping you can imagine. The subtle but distinct creaminess of a good vanilla ice cream appeals to adults and children.

Mint Chocolate Chip

With the freshness of mint to tone down the richness of the chocolate, this modern flavour works year round.

Cookie Dough

Who doesn’t prefer eating the uncooked cake mixture to the final product?! That soft bite into indulgent dough pieces turns smart vanilla into a guilty pleasure. Conjures up childhood memories of surreptitiously licking the spoon…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

A sensation overload, combining the nostalgic appeal of cookie dough with the universal pulling power of chocolate ice cream.


Light and refreshing, strawberry ice cream is the ideal way to cool down rather than indulge. It’s classic and elegant.

Rocky Road

A mind blowing combination of soft sweets with crunchy treats, served ice cold. Marshmallows and nuts hidden in chocolate ice cream is a modern treasure made with traditional ingredients.


Tingly in the mouth but lifted with creaminess, mint ice cream is probably the most refreshing flavour of all. One scoop of mint with two of chocolate will make mouths water.


If you haven’t tried it, you’ll be surprised. With a subtle sweetness and a delicate soft green colour, you won’t know whether to eat this flavour or paint it on your walls!

If you’re in the hospitality business this summer, make sure you have the appropriate equipment, such as an ice cream freezer from and fill it to bursting with everyone’s favourite flavours. Stock up too with a range of sauces and toppings, or go even further with a sundae menu that will see customers returning to try every combination on the list! Consider too your presentation, with a supply of neat tubs, spoons, napkins etc. – not everyone likes a cornet!

There’s no simpler and easier way to keep customers happy on hot days, whether you run a seaside cafe or city kiosk.

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