Top 10 Weird And Wonderful Lamp Designs That Look Like Other Things

Want to gain some arty interior design inspiration? Look no further. Have a read about lamps that look like other things. You’ll soon gain that light-bulb moment with our pick of the wackiest lamps around, ranging from the humble table lamp to showy lamps. The following will certainly brighten up any room with a fun, retro and plain wacky vibe!


Image by Olga.Belobaba

1) The Lava Lamp Fish-Tank
The first of our lamps that play dress up and what a clever concept this is! This multitasker is not only a lava lamp but your own mini ‘aquarium.’ Perfect for those who are incapable of rearing real fish. R.I.P Mr. Bubbles.

2) The Disco-Ball Lamp
Who needs a night-club when there are lamps like this? This cosy table lamp is perfect for any party-animal and cool kid. The totally hipster design will be a glowing addition to any room. All you need to do now is invite your friends around, set up an iPod and add alcohol. Just don’t wake up the neighbours!

3) The Lady Figurine Lamp
Synonymous with mannequin jewellery stands, this traditional design speaks to the females within us. Pretty and elegant! Totally vintage, totally chic, this lamp would be a winner in any lady’s boudoir.

4) The Novelty Mood Lamp
Cute and sweet! Coming in a variety of shapes and designs to look like things ranging from stars and insects, this design will give any room a warm ambiance and glow, perfect for bedroom lighting or bathroom wall lights.

5) The Game Puzzle Lamp
One for the boys! This lamp is a fully-functioning game. Take Tetris. Designers have built a lamp which simulates the game. Each piece lights up when added to an already-lit piece and would be perfect for the office in times of severe boredom.

6) The Lamp in a Bottle
Ahoy there! You’ve heard of the note in a bottle. Meet the lamp in a bottle. This design is great for outdoor picnics and barbeques. Just don’t actually try to drink from the bottle. That wouldn’t go swimmingly…

7) The Tiki Novelty Table Lamp
Definitely weird and wonderful – and  slightly creepy. This lamp would almost certainly be cast in the next horror movie. If you’re into nightmare-provoking lamps, snap it up today for your living room. Just, keep it out of sight from children.

8) The Rope Lamp
Want to impress with your decor? Give any room a Bohemian feel with this arty lamp and guests will feel as if they have been roped into the nearest art gallery.

9) The Bowler Hat Lamp                                   
Hats off to this design! Intended to preserve the cultural identity of the bowler hat, this hat…sorry, lamp will certainly be a talking point in any home.  The lighting world has gone crazy over this design which was originally designed by Jake Phipps. Very arty and very sophisticated, the hat…sorry, lamp is composed from champagne metal lining and braided silk and would certainly elevate any humble abode.

10) The Tree Lamp
You don’t live in a climate that breeds palm trees? No worries. Deck out your front lawn with some stunning imitations. Warning: May provoke ‘I-want-to-go-on-holiday-itus.’ Who cares? You’ll be light-bulbs ahead with this lamp.

So, those are our top 10 weird and wonderful lamp designs that look like other things. Know any others?

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Jennifer Leung is a student at the University of Manchester. She writes for light bulb specialists Lumalighting.

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