Top 3 Business WordPress Themes For 2013

WordPress is huge, and when we say huge, we mean about as big as a skyscraper in terms of businesses. There are literally millions of people using WordPress, and each one has a blog that is almost entirely, uniquely, their own. You would be hard pressed to find two that are alike, even if they use the same exact theme. And speaking of themes, when it comes to uniqueness, WordPress is one of the top web sites on the internet at providing unbridled customization options to users. So if you want to start off 2013 on the right foot, with a beautiful new theme for your WordPress web site, than you should definitely read on, as we are going to go over the top three current business themes for the year 2013.

You want to look professional? Want to make sure that people take your business serious, even though you do use WordPress as your source for web hosting? Well, it will not be very difficult if you are using Mountaina. Mountaina is a very clean, minimal style theme that is designed almost exclusively with businesses in mind. It gives you the option to customize, as does any good theme, but it also gives you the option to put on your gardener’s had, get out the sheers, and trim away any of the presentation of the theme that you do not immensely enjoy. As far as business goes, you could not ask for more.

On the other hand, if minimal is your thing but you also want an approachable web site design on your WordPress, then you will definitely like Vagenta. Made popular as one of the top themes on Tumblr, Vagenta Studios turns its hands to WordPress and comes up with one of the hippest looking, and yet entirely modern and business-y, designs currently being offered for use on WordPress. If you put up a lot of text posts, then this theme will be twice as brilliant, as its style is directly catered to writers, bibliophiles, and any other type of person who uses, and loves, words.

Another of the newer offerings on WordPress, Themax comes in as our number 3 choice for the top of 2013 business themes, however that does not mean that this theme is by any means inferior to those previously mentioned. In fact, Themax is quite possibly the most business styled of the three, as far as modern, clean business design is considered. You get a beautifully arranged blue and white theme that is packed with 3 different home page styles. You also get 12 widgets, which is quite a lot considering many themes top out at around 5. But beyond these features, Themax is one of the best because it is used directly by Themax, and as such, you can look at their own WordPress page, and how professional it looks, to see exactly what your own page can easily become.

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