Top 3 DIY Jobs You Really Can Do Yourself

There are a hundred and one different television programs telling you that you can do DIY at home and transform your home from a bundle of broken doorstops and damaged gutters to a perfect, fully functioning home in no time at all.

Of course, the reality is very different; we dig out our tools in the vain hope that you’ll know how to use at least one of them and then fiddle anxiously until the shelf miraculously fixes itself. Unfortunately, there are some ‘DIY’ jobs that you’ll really need to call in the professionals for but don’t doubt yourself all of the time. There are some jobs that you really can do yourself and if you can do it yourself, you won’t need spend a fortune on call out fees and labour costs.

So how many supposedly DIY jobs can you really do yourself?

Grouting Your Tiles

If you’re redecorating your bathroom then you don’t have to pay for a bathroom fitter to come and fix your tiles. Grouting your tiles is relatively simple so why waste your money?
–    Wipe off any excess adhesive from fixing your tiles to the wall
–    Get a lump of grout around the size of a golf ball and spread it across the tile with a grout spreader
–    Work the grout into the gaps by moving your grout spreader diagonally. Aim for around a 45 degree angle for the best results
–    A golf ball sized lump of grout will cover around 1 square meter of tiling
–    Check the drying times of the grout you’re using and wipe off the excess regularly

Say Goodbye to Rattling Doors

When your doors are rattling then chances are that it’s because of a poor fit between the lock set, the strike plate and the doorstop moulding. When your internal doors rattle it can be incredibly frustrating but luckily, they’re not too difficult to fix!
This can be fixed by bending out the strike plate tab that is resting on the latch when the door is closed. Use a slotted screwdriver to pull out the tab or try unscrewing the tab first. It’s much easier to bend the tab once it is unscrewed.
You may have to try bending the tab a number of times before you get the right fit but once you’ve got it, there’ll be no more rattling doors keeping you up at night!

Keep Your Hinges Quiet

Squeaking hinges are an absolute pain and like everything else on our list, they’re something that you don’t need to put up with and that you won’t need a professional for.
–    Begin by removing one hinge pin with a screwdriver
–    Buff it smooth with sandpaper to rid it of all dried paint and dirt
–    Spray the pin with silicone lubricant and reinsert the hinge pin
Repeat the same simple process for all of the hinge pins and you’ll be squeak free in no time at all.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a hammer from a spanner, you can still do the odd bit around the house. DIY doesn’t have to be daunting and if you give it a go yourself, you can save yourself a fortune! Of course, there are some jobs that you shouldn’t do yourself such as electrics; DIY is only a good idea when it’s safe. Don’t try to do anything dangerous alone!

This article was written by Jennifer Griffiths on behalf of Hydro Cleansing. Blocked drains are a job that you’ll need to call in the professionals for and Hydro Cleansing are the experts.

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