Top 3 Feng Shui Tips For Your Living Room

The living room is the space where people, whether your own family members or guests, come together and interact with each other. So, living rooms should enhance peace, serenity and harmony. Feng Shui tips can be applied to your living room regardless of whether your living room is small or large in size. You should feel really safe, comfortable and positive while spending your time in your living area, which might thus help to enhance the overall quality of your life.

You can try to incorporate Feng Shui from the construction phase of the living room. It is always good to have a living room with a regular shape. It should have enough space for the energy to flow around and should not feel (regardless of actual size) as being too big or too small.
You can do this by using the appropriate kind of flooring or paint colors that make the room feel just big enough in size. The living room should not be higher than the dining room. It is not good to have more than 2 doors in the living room. If feasible, you can close some of them or use curtains to hide their presence. Moreover, ideal ratio of doors to window is 1:3.

You need to paint your living room with light and lively colors such as pinks, blues, whites etc. There should be enough natural lighting to uplift chi as per Feng Shui. Dark corners can be lighted with artificial lights so as to bring more chi to the entire living room. Furniture should be placed in such a way that it promotes conversation.
Also, all furniture should face the door so that all people sitting would have a clear view of the door. But, sofas should not be too close to any door or window. It is not good to go for L shaped or floating furniture arrangements. Moreover, try to place guests in the commanding position as much as possibl

You can hang family photos on the east wall in the living room to augment significance of family. Mirrors should not be placed in a living room in such a way that it reflects the main door because it will deflect all energy. Mirrors should be placed in such a way that it reflects views that you wish to see again and again.
Do not hang pictures of aggressive animals in your living room. Use lights, plants with round leaves or mirrors to make dull corners more positive. You can have a fish tank in the north of your living room as it is a very good item to bring in good chi as per Feng Shui.
As a basic rule, keep your living room clean and tidy. For many apartments where space is a major constraint, family room and living room are combined together. In such cases, try to place your television or sound system in such a way that it does not disturb guests or family members who wish to have a peaceful conversation.

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