Top 3 Uses Of The Modern Garden Shed

As we look to make as much use as possible from our own limited space, more and more people are looking to utilise their garden for their individual needs. Garden sheds are no longer simply viewed as storage space for gardening equipment; they can effectively be used as an extra room added onto your household space, with the amount of time and money committed to these projects completely at your own discretion. Here are three of the most popular uses for the modern garden shed.

Home Office

If you are self-employed, or simply work from home for a significant amount of time, a quiet home office is absolutely essential. Those with families will know this can be tough to find when the hustle and bustle of home life is going on around you, especially if there is limited space in the home. Building a wooden shed in the garden with the intention of converting it into a specialised workspace can provide vital room for working in a comfortable and peaceful environment. Garden sheds are no longer just perceived as cold workstations for manual labour, as many manufacturers have recognised the need for comfortable working conditions for all situations. Bringing in a suitable home working environment will help exponentially with productivity, and with the options a home office provides for productive working, the opportunities are near endless. Keeping all of the relevant work tools in the home office shed will make for a much more time efficient starting period, while it is easier than ever for a solid internet signal to be achievable in your garden shed. If you are struggling for the space, peace and motivation for adequately working from home, sheds can provide the ideal solution.


Those who regularly entertain friends and family will know how tight space can get when the house becomes crowed. But going out to bars and restaurants can be expensive with so many people purchasing food and drink, so why not bring the experience to your own home? Setting up your own bar area for personal use can not only save money in the long run by creating your own drinking area rather than paying out regular expenses when meeting up away from the house, it can also encourage an active social life. Recreating the bar experience in the comfort of your own home has obvious advantages, with all the supplies you need to get started readily available for purchase and eliminating the need to arrange for alternative forms of transport after consuming alcohol.

While setting up a wide range of beer kegs is obviously not feasible for all, many who set up their own bar often choose to have at least one beer on draught in order to recreate that authentic public house experience. Bottled beverages can make up for the lack of draught choice, while physically arranging drinks from behind the bar further lends to the authenticity.

Bringing classic bar elements into your garden shed is easily achievable and can create a desirable atmosphere for your friends and family to spend time in. From easily replicable games such as darts, through to investing in a pool table to practice and improve your technique, the options are only truly limited by your budget and imagination.


Our lounge space is intended to be the most comfortable room to spend our recreational time in, whether winding down after a hard day at work or relaxing at the weekend. Creating a lounge in your garden shed allows your recreational room to be designed to your personal taste and specifications, making this an extremely attractive proposition for many.

Whether you simply want to relax on the sofa with a quiet book, or even set up a multimedia centre, creating lounge room in garden sheds provides the space necessary to do so in a comfortable environment. With the vast amount of multimedia supplies we now accumulate, this can take up space which can be used for other use inside the home, moving the collection into a designated shed can open up extra space inside the home and also create a home entertainment hub. Certain motion controlled video game accessories can take up a lot of room, meaning that not all rooms are suitable for their use; moving all your home entertainment needs into a specified space in the garden will allow space to become available in your home, while presenting a new room for you to decorate and personalise in any way you deem fit.

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