Top 3 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home In 2013

With Christmas well behind us and the new year underway, the month of January can be a depressing, uninspiring month for many, with little in the near future to look forward too. If this is how you are feeling at present, there are a few things that you can do around the home to brighten up the space at the same time as brightening your mood in this difficult period of the year. Read on to find out more;

Add Fresh Flowers

Normally reserved for special occasions, fresh flowers can do wonders to lift any mood, no matter how down in the dumps you feel. Adding a vase of fresh flowers to your living room or in the kitchen will instantly add a sprinkle of life to the space and when set against the backdrop of a wet, windy and murky outdoors are sure to stand out and fill you with hope of what the rest of the year can bring.

With so many different flowers available in varying colours, you can choose your favourites whilst also mixing and matching in different rooms of the home. From pinks and whites in the kitchen through to warmer reds and oranges in the lounge, fresh flowers can quickly and easily brighten up your home in the depths of winter at very little cost to you.

Update a Room

If the condition of one of the rooms in your home does nothing to brighten up the atmosphere or your feelings towards your home, maybe setting yourself the task of updating the space could be what is needed. Beneficial both for you and your property as you are setting yourself a task to complete that may take your mind off the depressing early months of the new year and for your property as you are revitalising a tired internal space, there are many areas that you could focus on.

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most used rooms in the home and if you haven’t redecorated for a while, could be in need of a fresh breath of life. In the bathroom for instance, you could replace an underused bath with a stylish new shower unit or substitute fading tiles with stunning new white ones that will instantly brighten up the space.

Create Features

If you currently have nothing on the walls around your home, whether in the bedroom, office, kitchen or elsewhere, creating features that catch the eye can instantly brighten up the space. This can be completed at a relative low cost as the addition of a funky clock, a large image on canvas or a collection of framed family photographs can be all it takes to create a feature on the wall.

If you were looking to go all out and create a real show stopping feature, a full feature wall may be more suited. This can be achieved by adding a different design of wallpaper or a different colour paint to just one wall of the room, therefore grabbing the attention each time you walk in at the same time as brightening up the space.

So if your home looks how you feel in the early months of 2013, why try and implement a few of the ideas detailed above and see how you get on in brightening up your home for the rest of 2013?

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This post was written by Oliver Kyle on behalf of Cascada Bathrooms; providers of everything you’d need to brighten up your bathroom!

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