Top 4 Private Jet Models

With the recent crisis in the American economic system the prices of luxury goods have taken a hit and been greatly reduced. Now there’s even more choice when it comes to picking up the right jet for you to use while flying the friendly skies. Our top 5 list was created to assist you in picking the best jet at an attractive price point. These jets were picked for how many nautical miles they fly on one tank, the level of comfort available, and cost of ownership. Of course this list is not the end all be all so it’s important to do your own research to make sure you don’t exceed your budget. Many aviation companies are changing their fleet around in favor of  large-cabin, long-range business jets to provide nonstop access to emerging overseas markets in  Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. These models are able to take executives to their destination in hours, optimizing their schedule.

4.  Gulfstream Aerospace G550 – $65 Million
The Gulfstream Aerospace G550 comes in at number four on our list but don’t underestimate this jet. The G550 currently has the longest range with a full-fuel maximum range of 6,820 nautical miles or 7,848 geographical miles at cruising speed. Before you think about where you can go, you have to determine what your costs are going to be. Running costs for long range business jets range from $3,932 per hour to $5,242 per hour, plus annual fixed charges, such as crew salaries, ranging from between $855,000 and $958,000 per year. Total operating costs will range from about $2.5 to $3 million, before adding interest, taxes, and depreciation. This number is only for 400 hours, or roughly 175,000 nautical miles, in the air.

3.  Dassault Falcon 7X: $41 million
Dassault introduced the Falcon 7X to the market in 2005 as their flagship jet. The jet has a large open cabin that can accommodate almost any thing you can throw at it. This is the crown jewel for the Dassault aviation company, with world class technology that allows the jet to be your private office in the sky. The Falcon 7X is built in France and has earned a reputation fora build quality that’s second to none, equipping the jet with three engines versus the traditional two that usually comes on a plane like this, and a digital flight-control system. A brand new Falcon will set you back $41 million, and that’s before you figure in taxes, interest, and operating costs. It is a lot cheaper than the Gulfstream but it doesn’t have nearly as long of a range, reaching 5,950 nautical miles. The benefit is it burns less fuel, and has lower maintenance and capital costs than its competitors.

2.  Bombardier Global Express XRS: $47.7 million
French Canada’s Bombardier come in at number two with their stellar Global Express XRS jet, a long range plane that’s perfect for the frequent flier who needs a mobile office. The Global express features ultra wide cabins that can take the wildest idea and make it a reality. The Global Express Jet will get you to your destination in a hurry with a cruising speed of 600 mph. This is one of the planes that helped put bombardier on the map as a premier builder of business jets.

1.  Boeing Business Jet 2: $55.5 Million
General Electric partnered up with Boeing Commercial Airplanes to create the BBJ2. The Boeing Business Jet 2 was based on another Boeing Jet, the 737, that has the room to carry up to 50 passengers with room for amenities such as a master bedroom, a washroom with showers, and both a dining room and living room. I guess when you’re majority shareholder in one of America’s largest corporations you really grow tired of 14 seater planes and can afford to fly an apartment through the sky.

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