Top 4 Toys For Children Starting School

As landmark moments go, a child starting school is up there with the best of them. This time of life can be exciting and traumatic in equal measure both for youngsters and for parents alike. For the child, meeting new people and starting to build relationships outside of the family unit can be a new challenge that they either take on with relish or don’t enjoy at all. Parents can also find it difficult to see their children heading off to start to gain some real independence, after three or four years of being there at every turn.

One constant in a child’s life throughout this time is their toys that they play with. There are a number of toys that will help your child when they start school, as well as helping parents who have their own anxieties. We looked at four such examples.


These are a great toy for children starting school. If they have played with them from a young age and parents have been involved with playtime, then the child will have started developing emotions as well as building social skills through interacting with their doll. Given the popularity of these types of toys, they are also likely to be favourites among other children at school, meaning that your child instantly has something in common with their new classmates.

Board Games

Simple board games teach a number of skills, from logic right up to the acceptance of the concept of ‘luck.’ Perhaps the biggest benefit for children at a young age is learning about co-operation and sharing space peacefully. These skills will ensure that they are able to take leadership roles from an early age (yes, this does happen), and grow into a model student.

Learning Toys

Learning laptops or other toys are a great way to reinforce what children have learned during the day, and are more fun and engaging than sitting in a classroom. Should your child face disruptions at school then this can be a great way to get involved and focus their mind.

These are also great as pre-school toys, so that sitting down to learn doesn’t come as a huge shock to the system.

Construction Toys

Toys such as Lego and Playmobil are again great for introducing sharing and co-operation, but only if you as a parent engage with your child! If you leave your youngster to their own devices at home, of course they are going to kick-off at school when a child joins in – they are used to having it to themselves!

Construction toys are also great for teaching children how to share ideas and accept feedback from others.

Toys are key tools in helping your child acclimatise to their new life as a student. This is the next 13 years of their life, and it is up to you to ensure that it starts in a positive manner.

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