Top 5 Advantages Of Using Dry Stack Boat Storage

There are many benefits to using dry stack boat storage and with more and more boat owners choosing to use it; it’s become a proven, affordable way to store your boat safely. Benefits include:

1. Unequalled protective environment for your boat
As the dry stacks are set up under cover, your boat will be protected from all-weather elements, hugely reducing the damage that is usually associated with exposure to moisture and freezing conditions. The majority of dry stack storage will also be under the yard’s or marina’s high-level security system, with camera surveillance too, which means that you can rest easy that your boat is safe, not only the weather but from vandals and thieves as well.

2. No restrictions as to when you can use your boat
The beauty of using dry stack storage is that it is so incredibly simple. You are able to use your boat anytime, whenever you wish because you have no restrictions on your time from the tide and also don’t have to waste time with your trailer on the slipway. You simply alert those running the storage when you want to take your boat out and they will transport it across to the water, just as you arrive. When you want to leave, you simply alert the same crew and they will remove your boat from the water and ensure it is properly taken care of.

This means you have more time to enjoy yourself on the water and instead of spending time trailering, launching and then retrieving your boat, which can take a few hours, you can leave it to the marina or yard crew.

4. Your boat will be easier to maintain
As your boat will be stored out of the water; you will find that it means you don’t have to spend so much money on anti-fouling paints and that the number of electrical problems you have, as a result of exposure to damp, will be greatly reduced. You’ll also find that you won’t need to replace the anodes as often as you might need to if you stored your boat on the water or outside in a boat yard.

In the event of the boat needing any repairs or replacements, these are extremely straightforward because access to the boat is very unrestrictive, unlike it would be if stored in water or if fully shrink-wrapped.

5. Friendlier on your wallet and to the environment
Due to your boat being stored away from the water and carefully cleaned, rinsed and dried each time it is used, you will find that it is free from the usual barnacles and weeds that are normally common. This means that when in use, your boat will travel more smoothly through the water, which will improve your fuel use and save you money.

The fact that it is easier to maintain will also have a positive effect on how much you have to spend on the boat and the fact that you no longer have to use the polluting anti-fouling paints will be of huge relief to the local marine environment.

6. Your boat will retain its value for longer
Dry stack boat storage, without a doubt, will ensure that your boat stays in good condition. Being kept away, as much as possible when not in use, from damaging UV light, which can have a detrimental effect on your boat’s gelcoat, as well as rain, snow and wind will reduce the risk of your boat being damaged in any way or needing numerous repairs. Storing your boat in this manner has also been proven to help retain a boat’s value, which is, of course, a huge advantage if you ever wish to sell your boat.

James Harrison writes for boat storage company, Wickens about large scale storage solutions (cars, boats, timber, etc). When he isn’t blogging, he’s found at the park with his old dog, Indy, trying and often failing to teach him new tricks…

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