Top 5 Benefits Of Ergonomic Furniture In The Work Place

Many people spend more time at work than they do at home, yet most office furniture is not designed to be used for extended periods of time; though many office chairs are sturdy and supportive, for instance, they are not designed to provide long-term comfort. Ergonomically designed furniture in the workplace can be beneficial to the health and well-being of employees, as well as being beneficial to employers. Provided below are the top five benefits of ergonomic workplace furniture.

Comfort as a priority
Employees are entitled to be comfortable for however many hours a day they are required to work. Ergonomic office furniture is designed to work with the human body and always with the end user in mind. Its features are always adjustable to take account of the fact that everybody is different. Chairs should be made from material that is both comfortable and practical and have features which might include adjustable head rests and arm rests, as well as adjustable seat heights. They should also offer adequate support for the upper and lower back. In addition, ergonomic desks have been designed to complement office chairs, making the most comfortable seating and working arrangement.

Health benefits to employees and employers
The health benefits of using ergonomically designed office furniture are well documented. Sitting for long periods on badly designed furniture can lead to back and neck problems and a failure to use ergonomic desks can also lead to problems with arms and wrists. The back and neck problems caused by non-ergonomic chairs can be eliminated by using a chair with adjustable height and one that offers lower back support as well as a headrest, which will relieve pressure on the neck. The health risks posed to employees could also be lessened by the use of ergonomic furniture in education, such as lab furniture for schools. This would mean that people entering the workplace do not already have the beginnings of health issues associated with badly designed furniture. There are also benefits to employers from having healthy employees as this reduces the amount of sickness absence, which can have financial consequences for any business.

The ability to exercise
Employees can also benefit from specially designed furniture as it allows the user to do mild exercise whilst in the workplace. This has the health benefits outlined above and can be a contributing factor in reducing the amount of employee absence through illness or injury.

Valuing employees
Ergonomically designed workplace furniture often looks very stylish and this can be of great benefit to a business that is looking to grow and increase revenues. Stylish as well as ‘healthy’ furniture gives a great first impression to visitors and new business contacts who will see that as an employer you are someone who values the health of employees.

Financial business benefits
Employers are always likely to be conscious of their company’s bottom line, but financial benefits can be derived from spending money on ergonomic office furniture. Comfortable employees tend to be more productive, more enthusiastic about their work and have a better relationship with their employer. They are also more likely to have better working relationships with colleagues, as ergonomic chairs tend to have wheels meaning that employees can move around the office more easily.

So, there are plenty of health and financial benefits to the employer and employee by having ergonomically designed furniture in the workplace, meaning that no office can afford to be without specially designed desks and chairs.

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