Top 5 Fall / Winter Shoes For Busy Moms

Busy moms often sacrifice style, electing instead to go for comfort in their clothing and footwear. During the months of fall and winter, moms must be practical in their footwear. They need comfortable shoes that they can move around and stand for hours in. The shoes must also keep their feet warm and protected during those cold months. Fortunately, designers seem to be pushing designs that are not only practical and comfortable, but stylish and trendy as well. Here are the top 5 shoes that all busy moms should have in their wardrobes.

Ballet Flats
When you’re talking practical for the fall and winter, it doesn’t get any better than ballet flats. These shoes are completely flat, with no heels to worry about. This means that moms could move around quickly to get their chores done. What’s more, there’s no fear of tipping over on a slippery surface with baby and other kids in tow. This year have brought a whole new twist on these flats, so they’re even trendier than those we’ve seen in previous years. From muted colors to bold prints suitable for fall and winter, these flats are practical but they make a bold statement. They also include straps and other embellishments for the more fashion forward moms.

Flat Fashion Boots
Fall is boot season but busy moms could also use their fall boots to keep their feet warm and dry during the winter months. Again, the importance of flat shoes cannot be overstated for moms on the go. With them moms can run after slippery toddlers and keep up with older kids. Leather boots are great for keeping feet warm and snug during winter. Purchase these a half size larger than normal to accommodate winter socks.

Trainers are oh so practical. They’re flat, comfortable, and warm for those cold months. The 2012 Olympics seemed to have inspired designers to incorporate elements of style into this ordinary footwear. In bold shapes and colors, or embellished with glitter or stud you’re sure to find one that meets your sense of style. Now, you can feel all glammed up even with your sweats and trainers.

Cozy Slippers
Every mom needs a cozy pair of slippers to jam their feet into when they’re ready to put their feet up and wind down after a busy day. They keep your toes toasty warm when you’re moving around the house and also provide protection from that shock of cold you’ll feel when you have to get out of bed early in the morning.

Super High Heels
Okay, they don’t need to be super high to be sexy.  A busy mom’s uniform is flat shoes, so a pair of heels is mandatory for those days when you want to get dressed up and feel like the vixen that you are. Put on a pair of heels and you’ll immediately feel sexy. Take out those feel-good heels for your next night on the town.

Crystal is a fashion enthusiast who loves to write on latest in women’s fashion and trends. While researching for this article she found Styletread Shoes from Styletread to be very unique and fashionable.

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