Top 5 Gadgets That Must Be Insured And Why?

These days, it seems that you cannot buy a single thing without a company claiming that you need to insure it in the case of loss, theft, damage or other similar occurrences. And with insurance adding sometimes almost half the price of your purchase right back onto it, meaning you could pay as much as one hundred and fifty per cent of what you had originally intended to, no doubt you simply ignore insurance and hope for the best. But there are five devices that, while it may be costly, should not go uninsured if you can afford to insure them. Below, you will find out these items, and just why they need insurance so much.

1: Laptops
Your laptop gets a ton of use. Why? It’s a computer, it’s convenient, and it is most likely your number one link to the world. The problem with this is that technology can have problems, and because laptops are so expensive, you should always get insurance—just in case!

2: Expensive Cell Phones
Let’s get something straight; your fifty dollar cell phones do not need thirty dollar insurance. But your three hundred dollar smart phones would definitely benefit from that thirty dollar insurance. Why? Because cell phones get dropped; their screens get cracked; they get wet. Any number of things can happen. Insurance will cover you.

3: Computers
No, MAC computers are not indestructible. In fact, a virus is far more devastating to a MAC than it is for a PC, due to MAC being such a closed platform and so controlling. Thus, even if you have a make, your computer needs insurance. This will protect you if your machine gets damaged due to power surges, viruses, hurricanes tearing through your living room—almost anything, really. Pay less by paying a bit more.

4: Modern Game Consoles
Red ring of death: Yellow light of death: Green light of death. Face it, modern video games may look great, but they are no where near as dependable as, say, a SEGA or Nintendo. Insure your video game system because it may very well over heat, or break, especially if you are a hard core gamer who spends hours sitting on the couch staring at the screen and playing your games. Insurance will be a safety net for your wallet.

5: Netbooks/Tablets
The netbook and the tablet are a relatively new addition to the market. However, they have a remarkably high chance of being infected with a virus. This is due to many people’s seemingly false pretence that these devices cannot get viruses. They can. They will. If you are surfing places that a computer will get a virus, your netbook and tablet will get a virus as well. And since they are lighter, and more frail than say, a laptop, there is also a higher risk of your device being dropped and broken as well.

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