Top 5 Games For Your Phone To Kill Time

Smart phones may have a lot of great uses. They help you organize your finances, your contacts, your networking and even at times your business. But they have one more very important feature, which is like an icing on the cake, a knight in shining armor, a gadget that will make sure you don’t bore yourself to death! Your phones are your ultimate lean mean time killing machines. So here’s a list of apps that will make standing in long queues or sitting in waiting rooms a lot more tolerable.

1. Zynga Poker

Zynga is the provider of the most popular games on Facebook, and among its most loved is Texas Hold ‘em Poker with around 7,000,000 daily active users as of May, 2012, according to This app is also available on smart phones with the option to log in to your Facebook accounts or use as a guest account. The app is available for free and supports iPhone and Android phones.

2. Angry Birds

If you already don’t have Angry Birds on your phone, you are clearly missing out on a lot that is going on around the world. It is a simple game which can pretty much be summed up into angry birds killing greedy pigs and has crossed a landmark of 1 billion downloads as of May, 2012. This app is available for $0.99 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android Phones.

3.  Road Rush

Road Rush is another simple yet entertaining app. This game works around the idea of keeping the traffic flow going without any accidents. It has two options; you can either play the Classic game in which you have to strategically move cars, trucks and motorcycles at an intersection. Or you can also opt for Rail Rush which has the same objective, only this time you have to move trains around a number of railway tracks without letting one bump into the other.

The app is very engaging and can lead to forgetting about your surroundings, so be sure to ask someone to remind you when your ticket number is announced. It is available for $0.99 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

4. Tetris

Tetris is a classic game which can probably never go out of fashion. The touch screen option requires a little getting used to but other than that it is as good as it ever was. The app is available on iTunes for $0.99, making it compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Another version called Tetris free is available for Android phones and does not cost anything.

5. The Impossible Game

The Impossible Game is aptly termed as “quite possibly the world’s hardest game” by Google Play. The game is very simple, all you have to do is get your orange square jump over obstacles. However only one function i.e tapping the screen to jump and even the slightest mistake results in going back to the beginning of the level makes this app, well an Impossible Game. It is available for Androids, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and costs $0.99.

Be sure to download these before your next dentists appointment or even when spending a weekend at your Grandma’s. These games are bound to provide a complete sense of senselessness and non productivity, which at times is all you need.

Mark is writer for GlobalServe Business consultnats, a corporate services firm in Cyprus to help you with your Offshore or startup international company

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