Top 5 Insect Giants

When insects are mentioned, most of us think of insects like mosquitoes, or flies, or cockroaches, bees and spiders, which is horrific enough even if it’s possible to kill a single specimen with your thumb. However, if we look somewhere else, like Brazil, Malaysia or Africa, even the toughest phlegmatic will be discomforted by these giants.

1. Titanus giganteus

Titanus’ residence is in the Amazon jungle, and it spreads all the way to Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. In Brazil, they are caught and collected with special mercury flashlights. These insects are sold, and a grown specimen can be bought for around 500 dollars. According to the reports, their impressive pliers are strong enough to brake a pencil or cause a serious injury because they can grow up to 7 inches. When these insects are fully grown, they stop feeding themselves and just fly around looking for a partner until they die of hunger. They are warning a potential enemy with hissing, and they are definitely not something you would like in your front yard.

2. Megasoma elephas

This insect has three battle horns on it’s head, so that it can fight of rivals. With their strength and capabilities, they are attracting available females and are securing themselves with enough food in stock. They can be from 3 to 5 inches long. They can be found in Mexico, but also in parts of Australia. Pentagon used them in their scientific experiments in which they tried to control their flight with electrodes.

3. Megaphasma denticrus

We all saw those insects that look like tree branches with legs. Well, this one is a super version of it, and it reaches 20 inches, or more in a case of the largest of the family – Phobaeticus kirbyi. This giant tree branch was probably a friend of a dinosaur dragonfly who had a 40 inch wingspan.

4. Attacus atlas

This tropic moth lives in Asia, and it is the largest moth on earth. Their wingspan is around 12 inches, females being larger and heavier. In China they call them “snake heads” because of their wing tips which are resembling a snake. They are producing silk, which is used in India. In Taiwan, their cocoons are used as hand bags.

5. Bathynomus giganteus

From all the wonders on this list, this arthropod is something that mostly looks like a creature from outer space. It was discovered in 1879 in the time when the deep oceans were considered completely lifeless. It can reach more then 30 inches, and can weigh 4.5 pounds. It is a prime example of a deep sea giant but it can curl up like a home bug. They are sea vultures, and they can live even 7000 foot deep.

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