Top 5 Most Romantic Holiday Resorts In India

You do not need an occasion to celebrate love, but if there is one, there are more reasons to celebrate! And celebrate it in such a way that it remains memorable, which is why you need to run the mile and go out of your way to do something special for her. This article talks about the top 5 most romantic holiday resorts you can surprise her with.

What lengths do men go to make a romantic gesture for the love of their life special? Well, today, thanks to the various romantic resorts, you need not bent over to hell and back to make everything perfect. Simply book a stay in one of the most romantic resorts in the country and that alone will be enough to sweep her off her feet! You can book your tickets in advance to get some cheap flights to save up and invest more on your stay. Here are the top 5 most romantic holiday resorts in India.

Tree of Life Resort and Spa, Jaipur

Highly considered as one of the best resorts in India, this is a spot found far from the standard tumult that characterizes our day by day life. It is a spot to loosen up in the comfort that you generally search for. It is settled among the Aravali Hills and is the ideal blend of style and excellence. This resort highlights 13 estates with every villa characterized by a one of a kind name. The place is also pet friendly, which adds as a plus point for many.

Tree of Life Resort and Spa, Jaipur

Mountain Club Resort, Munnar

Munnar is a flawless spot situated in Kerala – God’s Own Country as they call it! The Mountain Club Resort offers sumptuous 5-star services and is advantageously arranged near Munnar. This spot is fairly known for its Ayurveda. You can essentially have a reviving couples time while relaxing yourself with the ayurvedic treatment. The resort has fabulous facilities including its multi-cooking eatery, bistro, wellbeing club and vastness pool. It is an impeccable spot in an even flawless setting!

 Mountain Club Resort, Munnar

Park Hyatt Resort and Spa , Goa

The Park Hyatt Resort and Spa is one of the nation’s best resorts. Situated in the most prominent vacation destinations in India, it is spread more than 45 acres of land of arranged greenery enclosures with flickering conduits and tidal ponds. The bungalows here are conceptualized in a beguiling Indo-Portuguese style, with every room having a perspective of the pool/tidal pond/garden/ocean. They additionally have differed choices of fine feast eateries with perfect cooking styles. Spend your weekend here and enjoy extravagance with your adoration close by.

Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa Goa

The Windflower Resort and Spa, Coorg

This resort is spread more than 25 acres of land of a rich coffee bequest in one of the world’s 34 remaining biodiversity hotspots. The quietness of this spot is undeniable and will leave you lost for words. Arranged in the midst of such rich greenery, the sun’s first beam streams in through the windows and treats your eye to the greenery with a fragile fog spread all over. Appreciate a steaming hot mug of home grown coffee and custom made treats. This spot likewise has an open-to-sky Jacuzzi where you can just loosen up and find shapes in the mists. Different exercises accessible here incorporate harsh street jeep rides, hot oil kneads, gravity cycling and hydrotherapy. Exploit this awe-inspiring spot!

The Windflower Resort and Spa, Coorg 

Le Pondy, Pondicherry

Le Pondy is a luxury resort arranged perfectly at an estuary between Chunnambar River and the Bay of Bengal. This is a resort which observes Pondicherry in its actual wonderfulness and has figured out how to restore its excellence, its soul, and its superb design.


It has extravagant rooms with the perspective of the ocean and the lake and characterizes world class solace. It likewise has a private shoreline which offers interminable recreation choices. The Le Pondy Resort is a spot to just take off to and spend a couple days in, without agonizing over the outside world.

A stay in one of these resorts will definitely take your honeymoon trip by a notch, but it is not necessary that only couples celebrating honeymoon can visit, it may be you planning to surprise your lover or wife to a romantic getaway or to celebrate your anniversary!

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