Top 5 Party Destinations Of Europe

The continent of Europe is a party-goers dream. Numerous cities and countries in Europe have qualities that make for a fantastic nightlife. Things like liberal alcohol laws, bars and clubs that stay open til the wee hours of the morning, or even all night, as well as a lax attitude toward other vices. While there are many different party destinations in Europe here are our top five:

1.  Berlin, Germany
Berlin is the capital of Germany and fantastic place to party in Europe.  Berlin is well known for its speak-easy bar scene, which makes for a fun night out.  The city has a long and storied drinking culture and hosts a number of regional and international festivals and celebrations worth visiting. Germany overall is a beer drinker’s heaven and Berlin is one of the most raucous and enjoyable places to enjoy a good German Beer.

2. Ibiza, Spain
The island of Ibiza, which is located off of the coast of Spain, is often referred to as the world’s center of rave and club culture. Ibiza is an island paradise that has dedicated itself to perfecting the art of partying until dawn. You can catch an electronic show, rave on the beach, or attend a posh party at one of the many large luxury hotels on the island. Ibiza is a great mix of permissive culture, beautiful weather and nature, with great music and lots of people ready to party.

3.  Rome, Italy
Rome is one of the centers of culture for all of humankind. Once the capital of the Roman Empire, in modern times Rome has become a party Capital in Italy. The city hosts world famous food competitions amid the ancient cobblestone streets, which draw crowds of foodies and partygoers to the city.  Rome also has a burgeoning electronic music scene and there are many up and coming DJs spinning throughout the numerous clubs and bars in the city. Rome is an excellent choice if you want to party while enjoying some of the finest cuisine in the world.

4.  London, United Kingdom
Pub crawls in London are of the most popular party features on a tour of Europe. London has a unique pub culture much like the cafe culture of France, but with beer and crisps instead of coffee and croissants. London is also famous for having a number of large sporting events, which are occasions for large celebrations and parties across the city, especially around the time of events like the Football World Cup and European Cup.

5.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam cannot be ignored when it comes to partying.  One of the main draws for partybound tourists is the fact that cannabis, also known as marijuana, is completely legal in the city. There are special cafes throughout the city that cater to the desires of people who wish to legally partake in consuming cannabis. Amsterdam is also known for its nightclub scene, which draws party seekers from around the world.  To some, Amsterdam is considered to be the undisputed king of European party cities.

About the Author: Candice is a seasoned traveler of Europe

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