Top 5 Things To Know About JEE

After all the hype of JEE mains and advance exam, the result is going to be exciting after understanding the various significant perspective of JEE preparation. There is a propaganda all around that JEE is nearly impossible to get through especially by mediocre students. But the fact is IITians are not born intellectuals and it does not need someone to be intelligent to clear the exam but it requires presence of mind, positivity and smartness to get the JEE mains and advanced paper better off.

Top 5 Things To Know About JEE

You the young aspirants needs a reality check of JEE mains before you bump in or drop out the very competitive IIT JEE mains and we bring to you 5 major tips to clear JEE Main/advance.

#1:JEE considers only entrance marks and no class 11 & 12th marks

Your high school mark sheet is only your identification document that depicts your name, age, school and academic performance. High school or intermediate marks have nothing to do with clearing the JEE examination. However, 45% of JEE includes class 11 & 12th syllabus while 55% is contributed from JEE papers. So, work hard on firming your physics, mathematics and chemistry concepts rather than earning marks in boards. Check for JEE mains/advance eligibility criteria and start preparing as soon as possible.

#2:JEE has no fixed exam pattern

JEE advance has no set exam pattern; neither there is fixed weightage for different subject sections. There are three significant subjects for preparation i.e. Physics, chemistry and mathematics. For instance, JEE Main (section A) Physics theory of last year held 80% weightage while only 20% devoted to (Section-B )practical. So, it is advised to work out for both sections equally and not ignoring either of them.

#3:JEE is about wishing for fulfilling

JEE is all about passion and not being a book worm. The success mantra to crack the India’s most coveted engineering entrance paper is to have belief in your own self and do not stop working hard till the D-day has arrived.

#4:JEE analyze overall strength and weaknesses

Only few months to JEE advance 2016 has left and the aspirants appearing for the exam are requested to first discover their strong areas and improve on their weak points. The strong and weak areas are not only needed to be improvised in context of academics but students are required to overcome their mental or psychological weaknesses as it is the biggest hurdle in being positive. Keep one thing in mind very clear that nothing could stop you to crack it easily with a confident and a calm mind. JEE advance 2016 application form are going to be out for online registration in April, so start short listing the colleges based on your preparation in present time.

#5:A comprehensive schedule to enter top IIT

You can secure your name in one of the top IIT’s if you go disciplined and timely. A proper timetable with slots to study, to meditate, to eat, for physical activity are very essential as all of these collectively contribute to active brain working. You can study for minimum 6hours in a day but those hours demand full concentration and dedication of yours to accomplish your goal. If you are aspiring to appear for JEE advance 2016, then JEE main cut off must be as specified by the Joint admission board. Working according to a well planned timetable could certainly get your name amongst the few IIT toppers.

Now keep the enthusiasm up and keep going, consult previous year’s toppers and IT experts for a positive motivational approach towards India’s most sought-after engineering exam.

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