Top 5 Tips To Seeing The Ashes Series In 2013

If you hadn’t heard the news, the Ashes series will take place July 2013, bringing England and Australia head-to-head in one of the greatest cricket series ever. Normally a biennial event, this will be the first time the Ashes series will be held back-to-back, to avoid conflicting with the World Cup. These handy 5 tips will help you make the most of your trip to England for the Ashes series next July.

1. Make Travel Arrangements Now!

As fast as Ashes tickets and accommodations are disappearing, you will want to make travel arrangements now. People are coming from around the world to see the rivalry between England and Australia, so you don’t want to wait until the last minute. There are a wide variety of travel packages available to see the Ashes series in 2013. You can stay in a local hotel and see the town on your own, or you can opt for elegant surroundings, sumptuous meals, and elevated seats at the match, for a more memorable experience. Also, be sure to invite family and friends. Travelling with friends is more fun and you’ll want someone there to cheer with and talk with later. You can even get cheaper tickets when you go as a group.

2. Get Your VISA And Passport In Order

There’s no sense getting tickets and flights if they won’t let you in the country. Make sure your VISA and passport are in order now. You can get more information on obtaining a VISA to enter the UK here and your own passport office will help you get a passport. The time it takes to process the paperwork varies, depending upon your nation of origin, so it’s a good idea to get started now. It is also a good idea to carry an emergency contact card.

3. Check On Your Insurance

Check to make sure that your insurance covers your travel plans, in case of a flight cancellation or altered plans, and medical emergencies while in country. It is worthwhile to talk with your agent to ensure that you are covered and that you have the right contact information.

4. Schedule Time From Work

July is a long way off, but your boss will appreciate the heads up on your plans. You can have a great flight and the best seats at the match, but you won’t enjoy it nearly as much if you know your job is at risk.

5. Check On Baggage Rules & Pack Smart

Simplify your travel experience by contacting your airline in advance, regarding baggage and airport security rules. Be sure to pack your team colours and plenty of comfortable socks. July weather in the UK can be fickle, with warm, sunny days and pouring down rain, so be sure to come prepared with sunglasses, a hat, and a rain poncho. It’s also a good idea to divide your money between cash, travel cheques, and credit cards, keeping them all separate, in case you lose your purse or wallet.

Finally, remember to stay hydrated. Sorry, but beer doesn’t count. You’ll feel better and be able to enjoy your Ashes experience that much more.

About the Author:

Christian Almada writes for Travel Tree and is a corporate travel specialist who enjoys extreme adventure travel and is a huge cricket fan. Christian is travelling to England in July to cover The Ashes series, tough job, but somebody has to do it!

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