Top 5 Useful Car Accessories

There are tones of car accessories and gadgets available in the markets, but frankly speaking, not all of them can fit into your vehicle or make your day easier in any way. The point is not just buying something that looks cool but also have a good use for your car that help you ward off some troubles. So, which ones you should have in your car?

Here are top 5 useful car accessories:

1. GoPro HD Hero3

Top 5 Useful Car Accessories

GoPro HD Hero3 is billed as world’s most versatile camera that features high quality film recording, immersive audio with wind-noise reduction, built-in Wi-Fi for internet connectivity, attachments to stick it onto any part of the vehicle, and a waterproof camera that works flawlessly even underwater depths of 60 meter. If you are an adventurer, you should put this on your dashboard and chronicle your journey as you explore the world.

2. Breffo Spiderpodium Original

The spider-shaped manipulatable rig can do tricky things for you. In fact, it depends on your own creativity, that in how many ways can you use it. The entire thing is actually interconnected steel bones wrapped in rubber and is commonly used to mount smartphones on almost anything. You can use it to anchor your phone to any corner of your car.

3. Halfords Exodus Rear High Mount

This car accessory is a dream come true for enthusiast mountain-bikers. Transporting your bike has never been so painless. Its smart rear mounting foldable skeleton can easily carry 3 bikes and support a maximum weight of 45 kilograms. The design is focused on keeping the load away from car’s body to prevent denting and dirtying the vehicle’s exterior.

4. Halfords 12V Car Vacuum

Though this product is cheap, but when it comes to dusting your car’s interior, nothing can compete to its powerful clean-sweep properties. From your car’s cigarette lighter socket to unreachable crevices in the seats, with the help of its three nozzle attachments, nothing is hard to access anymore.

5. AW – 704 7 – Car GPS Navigation

Last but not the least, a navigation system is undoubtedly the most important car utility available today. The AW-704 7 comes with a TFT Touch Screen, FM transmitter, built-in Hi-Fi speaker, touch-screen operation with intuitive and easy-to-use interface and built-in radar warning system. Additionally, there is a built-in Li-battery rechargeable through car charger and a simple computer connectivity via USB cable. You can get this awesome gadget with free shipping.

Moreover, you can also buy dozens of other amazing GPS gadgets at reasonable rates. There you have it, the top 5 most useful car accessories. Keep in touch for more interesting listings.

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