Top 5 Ways An SAP Consultant Can Make An Impact On Your Business In The Next 90 Days

So you’re sold now on the benefits of a SAP implementation? But just maybe it looks like a juggernaut of a process, lengthy and involved. In fact, the benefits of hiring a SAP consultant can very quickly become apparent.

So, what are the top five ways an SAP consultant can make an impact on your business in the next 90 days?

Align your organization with industry best practices

SAP business suites have the advantage of giving you a formal framework for aligning your organization with industry best practices. That may not sound important until you consider how much it might cost to research and implement them without that guidance. The benefits of using a SAP consultant also include input from fresh eyes on potential opportunities, previously overlooked risks and possible oncoming problems.

Standardize your processes and better align them with your goals

SAP’s deep understanding of specific lines of business means implementing their software can lead you to questions you had not considered and whose answers can help you to standardize your processes and better align them with your goals. This can create advantages over the ad hoc processes that many organizations accumulate in the early stages of their development and often never shed when they are no longer needed. Identifying these opportunities for improvement is a huge step forward in and of itself.

If your organization is like most businesses today, it has pain points that your personnel are so used to working through that they no longer see them. These may be inefficiencies in your supply chain, redundancies in purchasing, or a dysfunctional approval process.

Avoid assigning personnel who are better used elsewhere

An SAP software implementation can also help you to avoid assigning personnel who are better used elsewhere to the task of reinventing the wheel in organizational processes such as compliance documentations which may be necessary but are peripheral to your core business.

Extensive experience & industry-specific knowledge of SAP platform capabilities

Once you’ve identified the areas for improvement in your organization’s operation, you will find that extensive experience and industry-specific knowledge of the capabilities of the SAP platform are key benefits to using a SAP consultant. SAP has many offerings, even for a given industry, and you should give yourself the benefit of experience in selecting the appropriate products for your particular situation. The impact  of that experience lies in helping you avoid  confusion and loss of time and money.

Uses experience from similar industry installations

Also, if a hardware upgrade seems indicated to give you the full benefit of your software implementation, your SAP consultant will be able to use experience with similar installations to smooth the path of the installation and to interface with vendors and partners on your behalf. These benefits of using a SAP consultant are indirect compared to selecting the correct implementation software but similarly provide benefits that can be measured by the problems you do not encounter because you have experience on your side.  Someone who knows the road to a successful implementation can steer you around the bumps and holes in the road.

The benefits of using a SAP consultant also extend further than ninety days, of course, but aren’t these benefits reason enough?

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