Top 7 Most Iconic Movie Theme Tracks

There are millions of movies out there that have some awesome and extremely iconic soundtracks. Just from a 5-second clip of an iconic soundtrack most people can match it to the movie. But because there are so many iconic movie soundtracks out there it made the task of whittling the list down to just 7 extremely difficult. I spent my time listening to hundreds of soundtracks and finally came to a definite decision. What follows is a list of the 7 most iconic movie tracks ever in no particular order. Enjoy!

Star Wars
If you don’t know the star wars theme track it is safe to say that you have probably been living on another planet. Not many people are unaware of this theme track. A few seconds of playing this one and most people are humming along. This theme tune was written by John Williams an American composer, conductor and pianist who is famous for a number of other movie theme tracks.

A tragic story based on a true life event but with a truly amazing soundtrack. Listening to it will soon cause you emotions to flare up. The name of the track is “My Heart Will Go On”. The music was put together by James Horner, the lyrics written by Will Jennings and it is sang by Celine Dion.

Harry Potter
The Harry Potter movies were a huge success and made the author JK Rowling even more successful. Because of the popularity of the movies the theme tune has become extremely iconic and lodged in the brains of most people. The title of the theme is “Hedwig’s Theme” and like the Star Wars theme it was written by John Williams.

The Godfather
The Godfather movies are widely referred to as the greatest gangster movies of all time. To accompany that title they also have one of the most iconic and well known theme tunes there is. It was written for the very first movie in the trilogy. The full title of the theme is “Speak Softly Love”. However the instrumental is most commonly known as “The Godfather Love Theme”.

Listening to the Rocky theme track motivates everybody and is perfect to use for any sort of training montage. Although the track is most commonly referred to as “Theme from Rocky” its full title is “Gonna Fly Now”. It was composed by Bill Conti and the lyrics were written by Carol Connors and Ayn Robbins.

Mission Impossible
The Mission Impossible theme tune is one of the most iconic and catchy theme tunes there is. What makes it even more iconic is that it wasn’t just used in the movies. It appeared alongside the TV series and on the video games as well. It is simply known as “Theme from Mission Impossible” and was written and composed by Lalo Schifrin.

James Bond
All the James Bond movies have a slightly different theme tune based on the title of the movie, the latest being “Skyfall” by the artist Adele. However the original “James Bond Theme” that features in every Bond film since Dr.No is by far the most iconic of them all. There is a bit of a dispute to who wrote it with the courts ruling twice that Monty Norman wrote it although John Barry has also claimed that he wrote it. Whoever wrote it, it is still an extremely iconic theme track.

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