Top Benefits Of Systems CRM To Your Business

As any company will tell you, good customer service is vital to the success of a business, especially in the current economic climate. Companies need to ensure that they retain their existing customer base by offering the best possible service and identify and attract new customers by having a good reputation in their industry. Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) systems enable companies to streamline and integrate their existing processes to ensure that their clients receive the best possible service and that their employees are making the best use of the time available to them.

Pooled Information

Systems CRM compile all of the information obtained about a customer into one easy to use file. Each department within your company will be able to access this information via a dashboard and employees will be able to amend this information as necessary to keep everything up to date. This means that any member of staff that is working with a particular client will have access to detailed customer information, for example sales history, accounts, customer likes and dislike, etc on a single screen rather than several different programmes. This allows every member of your organisation to quickly and efficiently identify sales opportunities and make informed decisions about each client.

Improved Customer Service

As mentioned above, systems CRM have a feature that allows detailed notes to be taken on each customer. So when an employee talks to a customer they record the date, time and the reason for the contact. This will mean that there is no risk that an employee will repeatedly ask the same question, or duplicate a telephone call that another employee has just made; therefore eliminating the potential of annoying customers and making them feel that your employees do not communicate or listen. Building up a rapport with a client is a great way to create loyalty and ensure that your company is the first to come to their mind when they are in need of something. The note taking feature allows personal information to be entered too, such as preferred names, hobbies, number of children, favorite sports team; basically anything that your staff members know the client likes to be asked about or discuss. All of this will improve the overall customer experience that a client receives and will ensure that they know how important they are to you.

Improved Marketing Strategies

Systems CRM can also be very beneficial to your marketing department and marketing strategies. The ability to see a customer’s purchasing history allows the marketing department to easily and quickly generate a list of names to contact with a targeted marketing campaign. Sales staff will get an automatic prompt when a customer orders a specific product or service to suggest other products or services that compliment their order. Reports generated by systems CRM will also identify which customers are profitable and which are not. This allows marketing campaigns to be focused on those customers that are likely to buy and saves time and money by allowing small or non-profitable customers to be left off of the list.

George Davidson have a lot of experience using CRM systems (Sistemas CRM is the term in Portuguese) for a different clients, and he is happy to share his knowledge.

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