Top Five Hidden Secret Agent Digital Cameras:

Five – Pen Video Camera
Pen digital video camera
Certainly one of my own favourites is the Hidden Video Camera Pen. This specific system is a functional pen therefore it may be used with real ink. The pictures are very good and it is practically impossible to be discovered by the human eye. This is a very comfortable camera to use and it has hours of footage space. It is easy to use and the directions are practically childproof.

Four — Watch Cameras
Watch digital camera
007 eat your heart out! Watches are cool and a secret agent watch is something that features in many spy films. Spy Watches have, to some extent always been associated with great secret agents and spy films. Most spy watches are fantastic quality and work beautifully as a watch as well as being a great camera. Unlike the latest bond watch I don’t think this one is the all singing all dancing Omega in Skyfall but it is a great camera and will not give you away.

Three – Denim Jacket Camera
Denim Jacket digital camera
The Denim Jacket could be worn all year round which makes it an extremely flexible method of documenting circumstances when it has a hidden camera. In addition to the flexibility they come in every size possible so that you or your children may put them on and you can observe what goes on in school or you can wear one yourself and film other people doing things they shouldn’t be doing.

Two — Shades
Digital camera sunglasses / shades
Shades really are a fashionable method of privately reporting circumstances, discussions, conferences and much more. The more recent designs are really very good. Style is certainly not jeopardized with regards to these types of hidden digital cameras and you can certainly look cool on the job. There’s a wide selection of designs and colours to select from so they will not stand out like a sore thumb. They look expensive and as much like the real thing as possible.

One- Reverse Peephole Digital camera
Reverse Peephole Digital camera is a ground-breaking device it can literally see through walls. This device will allow you to see through a front door, this is a fantastic tool for seeing if someone is hiding from your call.

All of these cameras will give you a good clear photo or video footage. The person you are filming will not have a clue that you are filming them. Also all of these devices really work as the item they are trying to be. The watch will tell the time and will be very accurate, it looks expensive and as unlike a camera as possible, the pen will write and takes real ink, again it looks expensive. All items are made to look and act as much like the real thing as possible. There are other hidden cameras on the market that might be more practical to your job and if you shop around you will find a real gem.

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