Top Five Ideas For Jazzing Up The Bathroom Suites In 2013

People are always in such a rush these days. Heck, we even surf the web on our smartphones whilst doing our business nowadays – although thankfully a totally waterproof phone hasn’t been designed just yet, or else that oft elusive ‘me’ time would be even further reduced.

It is important to remember that sometimes we really need that space and time to relax and take a breather, and a revamped bathroom suite can truly provide the perfect setting for our five minutes of freedom away from the daily grind.

There are so many ideas out there in regards to bathroom designs that it is hard to list them all, instead this blog will simply give you a few handy pointers.

If space is not a concern, bathroom suites featuring free standing roll top baths look particularly glamorous. You can almost hear the bubbles in the bath popping just thinking about it.

Hotel Influence

Many people will seek some sort of inspiration for their bathroom suite from a hotel – this shouldn’t be scoffed at however, as most hotels take pride in providing a quality service which includes everything from the soft bed to the gorgeous shower unit.

If you want to reproduce something that wouldn’t look out of place at The Savoy, lots of polished metal details and a double ended bath would certainly help to create that look.

Small Bathroom Suites

Although often told otherwise, size doesn’t matter; sometimes you may only have a small space to work with, don’t fret though, as you can still have plenty of fun picking from a wide variety bathroom suites still available for your selection.

A wet room style setup can offer all the luxuries you need in a bathroom, whilst cutting down on the amount of space used.

Other Considerations

Don’t under estimate how effective simple designs can be too; not everyone can afford to pimp their bathroom out like a pop diva. Instead, a simple design featuring a roll-top bath and white toilet and basin units can at least make you feel like a king whilst you sit atop your throne.

No matter what bathroom suite you opt for, it is important to remember that you are going to use the bathroom every day, so opt for something practical.

Whilst a bath may look sensuous are you really going to use it? If not a simple shower unit may be much more practical, you can then use this space for other things.

Don’t forget to bear in mind your colour scheme too; you don’t want to clash a classy antique style bath with bright colours.

If you’ve gone down the flowery prim and proper route stick with the simple stuff. If you opt for a more modern designed bathtub, well then you can get a little more adventurous.

The Internet is simply awash with bathroom suites of all sizes, tastes, colours and designs – so have a look around for some inspiration and then the next time you are in the bathroom, well maybe you’ll actually take some ‘me’ time instead of looking at your emails, it’s relaxing you know  – give it a go.

Louisa Jenkins is an interior styling expert with a particular interest in helping readers find ideal bathroom suites to sit back and relax in.

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