Top Five Office Interior Designers In The UK

Interior design is essential to creating a space that is inviting and relaxing for its inhabitants. Interior spaces take on personalities of their own. They may evoke a series of emotions from the people that are invited to the space. Each interior design can help to transform an office space into a haven of productivity. Consider the top five designers for ideas for your UK commercial office space.

Casa Forma
Casa Forma is an upscale interior designer that has currently been short-listed for the Design and Architecture Awards in 2011. This is an incredible interior designer that comes up with many innovative designs that are both visually appealing and comfortable.

This designer uses sophisticated technology to plan their designs and present the designs to their customers. They are meticulous designers that pay attention to small details without losing sight of the larger design. All elements of the design blend well together.

Candy and Candy
Candy and Candy interior designers possess a whimsical design that is both modern, yet has a feeling of sophistication. They use many geometric shapes and understated patterns in their interior designs to appeal to their client’s tastes. This company will also do interior design for yachts, planes and cars as well. They do not limit their talents to homes and offices. Their area of expertise lies in spatial awareness and providing a complete solution to the client.

Hill House Interiors
Hill House Interiors is known for its exquisite designs that have appeared in numerous mansions, specifically the Waverly. They also design commercial office spaces, and they have completed numerous hotels in the past. As an award winning design company, they have attracted numerous wealthy clientele since they have opened their agency.

Uber Interiors
Uber Interiors is a versatile interior designer that is capable of successfully completing designs in a number of different genres. They have beautiful modern contemporary projects, contemporary minimal projects, classic design projects and modern comfortable as well. They listen to their customer’s ideas and provide a number of fresh and innovative designs to bring life to the client’s space. In 2010,Uber Interiors was the winner of The Best Interior Retailer, according to Northern Design Awards.

Cochran Designs
In 2010, Cochran Designs was the winner of the IDFX Design Award. The designers at this interior design firm have delicately provided clients with fusion between modern contemporary and traditional design. The designs are comfortable, warm, inviting and functional. They understand the use of an everyday space and transform the space to meet the needs of the inhabitants, while remaining visually appealing. They use meetings and moodboards to find the perfect design for the client.

The UK is lucky to have numerous talented designers that can transform commercial spaces into elegant, yet functional places to work. Many studies have shown that interior design affects productivity. Therefore, companies must improve their design to improve their client’s mood and ability to produce high quality work.

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