Top Five Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing

In an age when consumers are spending ever-increasing hours not only online but specifically on social media sites, no business marketing plan is complete without a commitment to developing a presence in the world of social media. Although there are thousands of social media sites out there, it’s obviously impossible to be a part of all of them. This list of the top five social media sites for marketing should help to simplify things when it comes time to make tough choices as to where to invest time and money.

1. Nextdoor

For businesses looking to market their product to a highly local environment, Nextdoor is a smart choice. Although businesses are not currently allowed to create profiles on this site, they’re certainly allowed to buy ad space, thus targeting a specific group living in a very specific area.

2. Facebook

In 2012, 42 percent of marketers said that Facebook was an important or critical part of their business. This number is up 75 percent since a survey in 2009. The numbers don’t lie. Here’s another number: 80 percent. That’s the percentage of users who prefer to connect with brands through Facebook as opposed to other social media sites. Especially for brands operating in the retail sector, a strong presence on Facebook is a must for increased sales and brand recognition.

3. Pinterest

Many believe Pinterest to be the next juggernaut in social media. Between July of 2011 and June of 2012, the number of users on Pinterest ballooned from just 1 million to over 20 million. Those aren’t laughing numbers. In addition, the people who are on Pinterest are some of the most likely to have cash to spend and things to buy. A full 28 percent of the people on Pinterest make $100,000 or more a year, and more than 50 percent have children. Add into consideration that users tend to spend almost 16 minutes on Pinterest at a time, which is more than twitter or Facebook, and there become even fewer excuses for not trying to market on this platform.

4. Path

Path is a social media site that only allows users to have a maximum of 150 contacts. This format is limited, but it could be particularly effective for businesses that are looking to market high price-tag products to an exclusive clientele.

5. Google+

For those businesses with a limited budget, Google+ provides a good marketing option. This is because Google+ account holders can integrate their personal page with other functional tools in the Google arsenal, such as Google maps and Google+ local. This process can help to both increase and clarify brand awareness and identity.

Justin writes about business and marketing strategies for medium-sized companies with a focus on landscaping businesses and start-ups.

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