Top Fundraising Solutions For Schools

Raising funds in schools these days is very similar to raising children… it is extremely rewarding and makes you pull out your hair.   Considering how tough the economy is today, fundraisers are almost a necessity to most public and private schools.  Is many ways that has taken the fun out of the process because it is no longer a luxury, but a necessity; nevertheless this has also contributed to creativity as necessity is the mother of invention.   Picking out the fundraiser that will benefit your school the most can be challenging and even daunting, yet below are 4 examples of some of the most popular, fun and successful school fundraisers to assist you on this journey.

Got Milk?

The great return on investment in bake sales has less to do with the product and more to do with the nature of the sale.   The fact that most goods being sold are donated typically results in little to no capital to get started.  Usually, most of the goods that are sold at the sale are provided by school supporters such as parents, teachers and students.  So while the funds raised will not be impressive, the school keeps 100% of the proceeds.  This type of fundraising activity is not only good for boosting your school’s budget, but it is also a great social event for the community.  People love meeting and mingling with people that share the same common interest or goal!

Raffling for Funds

Raffles can be very profitable and really grabs people’s attention depending on what you’re raffling off.  Big-ticket items often bring the best success when holding this type of fundraiser, though not a necessity.  If you can get a booster or supporter to donate an item such as motorcycle or a car the only expenses to the school is buying the raffle tickets, which you can probably make and print yourself.  Keep in mind that some states have separate laws regarding raffling big-ticket items.

Go Green!

With today’s concern about the environment, recycling for money can be a great way to raise money for your school and help your community!  All you have to do is contact your local recycling center and ask them if they will partner up with you for your fundraiser.  The recycling center, most often, will supply you with plastic bins and containers for fundraising supporters to drop off their recyclable goods.  The next step is to print out some attention grabbing flyers and have students hand them out to family and friends to inform them on where to drop off their recyclables.  Be sure to give a sufficient amount of time to collect enough recyclables to turn a profit!

Gift Brochures

According to a recent article in the 2012 publication of PTO Today, gift brochures are still the most profitable form of fundraising.  Factors contributing to this include its streamlined nature, variety of product, and cumulative prize programs.  Since these companies involve for-profit third parties, there tends to be competition among businesses around the level of service offered enabling volunteer groups to accomplish more despite decreasing numbers of folks available to help.  The numerous options in these catalogs tends to increase participation as there is more appeal to donor tastes.  As for prize programs, these are standard now amongst companies offering gift brochures.  These programs clearly produce incentives within the students, resulting in participation boosts.  All of these factors and more result in profitable fundraisers for those who operate them according to design.

As a fundraising rep in California, Daniel enjoys informing volunteers about these issues.

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