Top Gifts For Teenagers

Teens can be a moody bunch. Never knowing what they want and always wanting more, buying a teen a gift can often seem like mission impossible. There are however a few gifts that’ll be highly appreciated by the vast majority of teens. Here are the top gifts for teenagers.

Adidas Stockholm
Everyone loves to wear a chic and fashionable watch, regardless of what age you are. For teenagers there are few watches more chic than Adidas’ Stockholm.

With a black dial and chronograph and a black multicoloured design, Adidas’ Stockholm simply looks gorgeous.

The design is complimented by the fact that it’s designed and made by Adidas, arguably the most popular brand amongst teens in the world.

iPhone 4S
Now, while I recently had to sell my iPhone 5, due to not being the biggest fan of the product, a few  things are for sure: iPhones are immensely popular amongst teens and the iPhone 4S is more popular, solid and cheaper than the iPhone 5.

If your teen already has an iPhone 4S or isn’t a fan, it would be better to buy him or her a Samsung Galaxy SIII, which is simply the best phone on the market. The price of a Galaxy SIII is considerably more than an iPhone 4S however.

One thing many parents get wrong in assuming is that BlackBerrys are currently very popular amongst teens. BlackBerrys were at one point very popular, but they aren’t anymore. In fact, I know many teens looking to sell BlackBerry Torch 9860 mobile phones in order to afford an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

Canon PowerShot SX260 HS
They say it is during our teens when we have our most outrageous memories and there’s little arguing with that general logic. It is therefore most ideal to buy your teen a quality camera for him or her to capture those memories for the future.

The Canon PowerShot SX260 HS is a beast of a camera, tailored for both advanced photographers and casual photo snappers. With excellent image stabilization and fantastic video and photo quality it is one of the best cameras for its price on the market.

Some people assert that there is little need for cameras these days with our mobile phones more than capable of capturing high quality images and pictures. This is understandable but not entirely true. There is something rather special about owning a camera and this is will be felt and appreciated much by teens. Furthermore the quality a proper camera such as this Canon PowerShot can achieve, cannot be replicated by a mobile phone.

Samuel Hickins is a freelance copy writer who quoated’ I would sell my iPhone along with its acessories to go travelling around the world.’

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