Top Handrail Design Ideas

The key to any great home-remodeling job is to incorporate every aspect of a room in order to establish an overall design theme. Of course, each individual component in this scheme needs to shine as well. That’s why it’s important not to overlook any aspect of a room, even those parts that appear merely functional.

Take stair handrails for example. For most people, these serve to buttress the stairway and provide a measure of safety to the homeowner. Thus they oftentimes end up being overlooked when it comes to interior design. But to an artistic eye, even handrails are part of a room’s blank canvas and can be turned into a strong visual presence. And there are quite a few ways in which to accomplish this.

Wrought-iron railing
Those who have ever been impressed by the baroque designs of Paris may want to consider a custom-made, wrought-iron handrail for their staircase. Scrollwork on the handrail can add a nice visual flourish, as can a subtle silver and gold finish.

Wooden stairways
Those with wooden staircases needn’t give up on the idea of making a handrail statement. In fact, going rustic might just be the right move. By giving the railing a board-and-batten look, an average wooden stairway can be transformed into a stylish element that pays homage to the traditional farmhouse. Those who want to give a charming cottage feel to their home can opt for wood blocks that connect the balusters and provide some sturdiness on top of style.

Stainless steel
There’s no reason those who prefer a modernistic interior design marked by clean, straight lines, chrome finish and stainless steel appliances can’t carry that design scheme to the stairwell. In fact, adding stainless steel cables to a stairway’s balustrade will likely be the perfect compliment to a nearby sleek and modern kitchen. Those who want to go all out can opt for a complete stainless steel and glass railing that is a perfect match for a living room with a gray-silver paint scheme.

Intricate baluster design
Sometimes achieving that ornate look requires one to break out the scroll saw. Indeed, intricate fretwork between balusters can transform a standard handrail into an elegant artistic statement that is the focal point of a room. And while crafted handrail inserts may not serve any functional purpose, they can certainly make a stairway all the more inviting.

Standing posts
Newels not only serve to anchor a balustrade and stabilize whole networks of handrails, they can also add a measure of regimental elegance when positioned at the base of a stairway near the entrance of a home. Those who want to present a captain’s idea of strength and structure with their design may want to consider adding newel anchors to their handrails.

These are just a few ideas for those looking to incorporate stairway handrails into their overall design scheme. In fact, the are other more subtle ways to make a handrail standout, such as banister embellishments, that can add a measure of detail to any stairwell. As with anything else in the design world, the sky is the limit.

Lisa Pierce enjoys writing about commercial and home design for Stainless Handrail Systems, a manufacturer of state-of-the art glass balustrade systems and handrails.

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