Top Paying Careers In 2013

In such a weak economy, people are just thankful to have a job and go to work every day, even if they’re stuck in a career they no longer enjoy or are barely making it financially. The lucky ones in today’s economy are considered to be anyone who has a steady job and hasn’t been laid off recently or out of work. Although most people are happy enough just with stability, the really fortunate ones in our society are those who have the highest paying jobs and are not affected by the state of the economy in any way.

Air Traffic Controllers
Although you wouldn’t normally guess it, air traffic controllers will be the ones making the big bucks in 2013. The average annual salary alone is a comfortable $108,000. Another benefit? Air traffic controllers are only required to have an associate’s degree, meaning they’re not in over their heads in student loans. The only downside is that training takes about eight to nine years and are mostly employed by the Federal Aviation Administration. Unfortunately, these positions are also expected to be cut by 3 percent in the coming years.

Another career to keep your eye on for one of the highest salaries this year is a teleradiologist. These professionals can earn anywhere from $100,000 to $400,000 a year by evaluating digitally transmitted patient images. It’s becoming increasingly popular to outsource teleradiologist, as they’ll be able to give their opinion and analysis through videoconferencing.

Surgeons continue to earn the one of the highest paying salaries with an average of $181,000 annually. Training time takes anywhere from 10 to 15 years, and the salary is well-deserving considering surgeons are given in charge of people’s lives and health on a daily basis.

CEO of a Large Business
A more attainable position in 2013 to attain that is high paying with extensive benefits would be the CEO, Cheif Executive Officer, of any business or company. CEOs are the top paid employee of companies and have the most responsibility, ultimately determining the direction and success or failure of the organization. The average salary each year for CEOs ranges on the size of the company, but can range from $100,000 to $400,000 on average.

Anesthesiologists are another highly paid employee, earning about $187,000 a year, about $90 an hour. Although their job duties may seem limited as they’re most commonly known to be responsible for delivering anesthesia during procedures, they also have a number of other tasks that include caring for patients in the Intensive Care Unit, and managing acute pain conditions in patients. During surgery, they’re also the ones to monitor critical life functions and diagnose any issues that occur during surgery. Anesthesiologists are often overlooked in healthcare, but serve a vital and important role.

If you’re an animal lover and have studied medicine, then you should consider becoming a veterinarian in 2013 as they have one of the highest salaries, an average of $82,000 a year. Although it’s a busy and oftentimes stressful career, it offers many benefits, including job security and being able to care for the health of hundreds of animals. Because the amount of animals is increasing at a rapid rate in society, there are more job opportunities for veterinarians. Veterinarians also work with livestock and can be work independently.

If you want to earn more money in 2013 and are ready for a career change, then consider some of these highest paying careers as an option and a new adventure. With proper education and a great work ethic, you can land any job you’re qualified and skilled in.

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Sally Peterson works as a college guidance counselor where she helps students determine which career path is best suited for them. She has also contributed to this resource for those who may not have the proper schedule to attend a traditional college.

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