Top Stock Brokers in India

A stockbroker is a person who guides investors to buy and sell stocks after evaluating the market conditions properly. The stockbrokers have more responsibilities while working with the clients. They focus more on portfolio management and transactions involved in the trading process. At the same time, there are several things it consider while hiring services from a brokerage firm. Most brokerage companies charge 1% to 2% commissions based on the trading. However, they may vary and one should compare them from different sources for getting more ideas. A brokerage firm offers various types of services to customers with expert teams for experiencing peace of mind.

Work With A Discount Broker Carefully

The share brokerage companies are the members of NSE, BSE and other exchanges in India enabling the investors to trade stocks with options. Another thing is that they show ways for opening both trading account and demat accounts with experienced staffs for earning more profits. It is necessary to evaluate the services offered by stock firms for getting more ideas easily.

Apart from that, one can know more about the best stock companies in India that can help to simplify the trading process. Nowadays, it becomes easy to analyze the stockbrokers online which ultimately give ways for selecting services from a right one accordingly. A lot of investors are looking for the best discount brokers in order to save more money and the following list contains information about them that provide opportunities for generating high profits.

  1. RKSV: RKSV is Mumbai based brokerage firm which aims at offering services to customers with cheap brokerage plans. In fact, the company is rated as one of the top stock brokers in India thereby showing methods for reducing expenses. It allows the investors to trade several stocks at a flat rate of 20 Rs. Apart from that, the transaction charges are very competitive compared to other discount brokers. The company even provides ways for buying and selling stocks online with a variety of options.
  1. Prostocks: Prostocks is a popular discount brokerage firm in India which is well-known for its unlimited trading plans that allows the investors to trade at 15 Rs to gain major benefits. It even provides a custom built trading platform for trading shares through a trading platform, mobile app, and website thereby showing methods for accomplishing goals considerably. The 2-in-1 account available from the company includes both trading and demat account enabling investors to trade stocks conveniently with a variety of options.
  1. SAS: SAS is a leading online discount brokerage firm allowing the investors to trade shares at low prices. The Rs o per trade plan available from the company is a popular one in the markets that can help to trade shares, commodities, and other things with options. Some other plans include RS 499 currency plan, RS 999 MCX plan, and RS 999 equity plan making the investors to plan the trading accordingly.
  1. Trade smart online: Trade smart offers fixed brokerage of RS 15 and even allows investors to trade the shares at 0.7 paise for earning high margins. Besides that, the company enables investors to trade in multiple ways by addressing essential needs.