Top Tips For Installing Shelving In Alcoves

Space is at a premium in many of today’s homes. With new builds tending to occupy a smaller footprint than comparable buildings in years gone by and more and more families finding themselves financially unable to move up the housing ladder into larger homes, many of us are struggling to know what to do with all our possessions. Minimalism and ruthless decluttering can only take people so far, particularly when children come into the equation. Some deal with the issue by renting storage, even though this may not be conveniently located. Others try to maximise the storage potential of their existing property.

Top Tips For Installing Shelving In Alcoves

Sort and Store

There are plenty of top tips for those looking to store their possessions. Marie Kondo is one of the most famous current espousers of the need to sort and store possessions tidily. Her version of William Morris’ mantra that one should have nothing in one’s home that is neither useful nor beautiful has been seized upon with alacrity by millions around the globe. Essential to her theory is ensuring that the possessions that one does keep are easily accessible.

Storage Solutions

Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent storage solutions on the market today. Many of them are aimed at utilising spaces that might sometimes be overlooked or deemed too difficult to do much with, such as the alcoves either side of a fireplace. Installing medium duty shelving in such spaces is far simpler than many people might imagine.

Top Tips For Installing Shelving In Alcoves

Suppliers, such as, are always willing to offer advice as well as the actual shelving units but all you really need are the shelves themselves and a tool box that includes a spirit level, tape measure, power drill and screwdriver. A pencil, a little time and patience, and a viewing or two of one of YouTube’s many helpful tutorials will also not come amiss.

Finally, when installing shelves, there are a couple of additional things that are worth remembering. The first is practical: ensure that the spacing between the shelves is the right size for what will be stored there. Make the gaps too large and space will be wasted but make them too small and the space will be useless. The second is to combine practicality with aestheticism: fixing beading to the shelf fronts both strengthens the finished shelves and improves their appearance.