Top Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom In Tip Top Condition

Whilst you will undoubtedly want to do your utmost to keep every room of the home as clean as possible, when it comes to prioritising, your bathroom should be at the top of the list. Receiving the dirt and grime from every member of the family, the last thing you will want to do is attempt to clean yourself in a room that isn’t clean itself! With this in mind, read on for a few top tips on how to keep your bathroom in tip top condition;

Tips for Cleaning Baths and Showers

Water spots and stains are commonplace in baths and shower units, but here are a few tips to combating them;

•    Get into the habit of wiping down the bath or shower after every use as contrary to popular belief, these units are not self cleaners and need to be cleaned like everything else in the bathroom.

•    For a very dirty bath, perhaps after one of the kids has returned from a Sunday morning football match, fill it up with warm water before adding a couple of scoops of biological washing powder and leaving overnight. All it will then take the following morning is a quick wipe down and your bath will end up looking as good as new!

Tips for Cleaning Toilets


It may be one of the jobs you least look forward to, however completing these cleaning tasks on a regular basis will make the job less arduous each time you come to do it;

•    Be sure to use a suitable toilet cleaner every week, pouring it in and leaving for a few minutes before thoroughly scrubbing. All you’ll then need to do is flush and you should be left with a sparkling loo!

•    You need to choose your cleaning tools carefully as toilet brushes will enable you to clean at arms distance however are a breeding ground for germs. If you do use a brush, make sure it is left in a bleach solution afterwards or alternatively get stuck in and use a cloth that you can throw away straight after you finish.

Tips for Cleaning Tile Grout

It can be dirty tile grout that makes your whole bathroom look dirtier than it actually is, so follow these tips and you’ll soon have a bathroom that’s shining;

•    Discoloured grout can be caused by mildew, soap scum or just plain dirt, yet can be combated with an old toothbrush and a suitable cleaner. You can then specifically target the grout between the tiles, ensuring your tiles look stunning once more.

•    If you are using a shop bought product, look for those that have mould inhibitors as these will prevent the mould or mildew returning. You can also make your own cleaning solution by mixing bicarbonate of soda and either bleach or vinegar.

By following these top tips, you will be well on the way to ensuring your bathroom remains clean, fresh and ultimately in tip top condition at all times!

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This post was written by Oliver Kyle on behalf of Trade Price Tiles, retailers of a range of top quality wall and floor tiles to add something really special to the bathroom of your home.

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