Top Tips For Marketing Your Business in 2013

Review your website. Consider your website’s effectiveness. Does it fulfil its function fully or could it use an update? Compare your website with your competitors. If you can find room for improvement, make sure you change your website. An important factor to consider is mobile compatibility. The majority of internet users regularly use their phones to access websites. If your website is not mobile enabled, it needs to be! Small businesses may be worried about the cost of this transition but there are many dedicated companies who can do this for you at a nominal fee.

Online Presence
People using the internet want new content as regularly as possible. Updating blogs and content is very important if you want to keep users interested in your business. Companies that blog twice a week have a larger following that those that blog only twice a month. Building a dedicated content and blog strategy will be the way forward for marketing in 2013. Make sure you are realistic with what you can achieve and don’t overstretch your business. Shorter articles capture the attention of internet users better than longer ones. Luckily this means that you can produce a large amount of
short articles easily and keep your business on people’s radar. Fresh and relevant content is ideal for improving your business’ SEO.

Online Marketing
SEO goes hand in hand with content making. SEO has been becoming more and more important in marketing strategy. With many changes to Google’s searches, old SEO is no longer cutting it. Start to familiarise yourself with how SEO works so you can adapt your website and content to it. One thing you could do is to vary your content’s anchor text to improve its Google search ranking.

Social Media
Social media is another essential part of marketing strategies in 2013. Social media marketing should be targeted at the right audience. For some companies Facebook is the ideal medium but for others LinkedIn is far more effective. Make sure you do your research into your existing customers and their habits so you can reach the right people. You can use social media to direct people to your website or business events. It is the best way to reach new and existing customers in the digital age. Many people are influenced by what their friends and family like, which is why social media is important. Social media allows people to repost and comment on content and by extension increase the reach of your company. If you only do one thing, make sure you increase your social media presence.

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