Top Tips On Buying Hotel Furniture

Good hotel furniture can make or break many a guests’ visit to a hotel so it is important to invest in good quality items.

It is important to remember the overall theme of your hotel too. If your hotel has been designed with a more traditional theme in mind, bringing in a host of ultra-modern pieces of hotel furniture may seem a little odd to your guests. Instead you want to pick traditional furniture designs that send out the right message.

Themed hotels are quite popular too, but any theme you use has to be consistent. Therefore, if during your latest renovation work you’ve opted for a nautical theme in the reception area, don’t suddenly opt for fur print designs in your bar and bedrooms with a jungle theme.


As the first port of call for your clients, the reception needs to look the business; you don’t want floors that stain easy as any unsightly mess upon arrival will quickly get the client questioning whether opting for your hotel was the right choice.

An interesting point to consider is that not all chairs will be facing the customer upon their arrival so it is important to contemplate purchasing a set of chairs that looks aesthetically pleasing from all angles.

Remember that for your customer, this area will show them how important you consider style and image to be, so don’t fall at the first hurdle by greeting them with a disorganised, cluttered mess.

Bedroom Furniture

With bedroom furniture you can have a little more fun in some ways, as the world is your oyster in regards to set up.

Do you keep each room identical, or do you go for a different theme for each room? This truly depends on what works out best for you. Obviously if you intend on creating different themes, you may have to spend a lot more time browsing through the available hotel furniture than you would when you simply have to decide on one bunch of stuff.


Many hotels pride themselves on their restaurant, offering a service on a par with standalone restaurants themselves, so in order to complete the look it is important to have the right hotel furniture in the dining room.

If the restaurant is very upmarket, offering a plethora of dishes at many different prices, you will obviously want to have furniture that really presents this image.

If the restaurant is more catered towards families and people popping in for quick bites as opposed to a full three course meal, you may instead want to opt for furniture items that are easy to clean, but still provide the customer with a good level of comfort and a sturdy design to last the surge of customers coming and out throughout the day.

Ultimately, the choice of what items of hotel furniture you purchase is completely in your hands, but if you are renovating the hotel with a particular theme in mind, remember to apply it across the whole hotel unless you have specific themes in mind for different rooms and areas.

Louisa Jenkins is an interior design expert with a focus on helping those in the hotel business choose the right kind of hotel furniture to match their needs.

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