Top Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter

It still surprises me the chaos caused every year when the weather changes. You would think by now we would be prepared for winter however that is not the case. Each year people fail to maintain their cars over winter and end up paying out money they do not need to. Here are some simple tips to follow to make sure you are prepared for the winter.

Fill Up Your Oil

It is important that you keep the oil topped up in your car to avoid causing damage to your engine. Oil can help to protect the pistons in your engine and can be especially useful on cold mornings.

Anti-freeze is essential

To protect your engine add anti-freeze to the radiator in your car. The best way to mix the anti-freeze into your water is 50/50.

Check your Wipers and Water Bottle

It is also essential that you check your windscreen wipers and the levels in your water bottle. You should keep an eye out for screen-wash that already has anti-freeze mixed in. Do not add anti-freeze to the water bottle yourself as anti-freeze is corrosive and a different concentration than the one added to your radiator. It is important that you keep the levels topped up as de-icer and grit from the road can make your windscreen dirtier than usual. Make sure your wipers are also clearing your windscreen affectively as the frost can reduce visibility.

Check your lights

A quick snow flurry can cause visibility issues and although you should always check your lights before a journey, make an extra effort to check that your lights. If you cannot get someone to check the lights for you, then check the lights against a wall or the back of a parked vehicle. Full and Winter Service If you can afford to, it is worth putting your car through a service, not only will it help to maintain some of the cost of your vehicle thanks to a service history, having a service will help to avoid breakdowns. Places like Halfords also do a winter health check which cover all the above.

Free Battery Check

You can also get a battery check which is very important. Often the reason why a car will not start in a morning is due to problems with the battery. If you struggle to start your car and try too many times your battery will go flat. If you have an older battery this will happen much quicker. The life of a battery is usually between 3 and 5 years so if you have not changed your battery in the last 3 years it is worth getting a check. You can purchase a battery from £29.99.

Article by Liam Parker – Car enthusiast and former Fibreglass Manufacturer for Stuart Pease

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