Top Trends For 2013 Home Remodeling

It’s the start of the new year as people will begin to think about what types of home remodeling projects they want to tackle after suffering from the dreaded “cabin fever” caused by the cold, wintry months. For 2013, remodeling trends are straying from the usual glamor and glitz as home renovation is focusing more on functionality and comfort. Another big trend that is gaining momentum is the green movement toward using more environmentally-friendly building materials for the home.

Top 2013 Home Remodeling Trends

Open Spaces
Before calling in your local painters to touch up the walls with a little bright color, you may decide to just take out the wall completely. The latest remodeling trends involve more open floor plans and less closed spaces, especially when it involves the living room, dining room and kitchen. Opening up rooms also allows smaller homes to fill bigger as the open floor plan appeals to both couples and families with lots of children.

Bathroom Remodeling
While kitchens have dominated a homeowner’s to-do list as the first room in the house to become renovated, bathrooms are starting to get the much needed attention they deserve. People are tearing out the grungy tile and linoleum to add new granite counter tops, wash basins and floor tiles. Don’t forget to update that outdated shower with something special that turns your bathroom into that oasis you always wanted.

Tackling The Unnamed Room
Most homes have that little spare room located somewhere in the house that they don’t know what to do with. You might want to turn it into a home office. The kids are asking for a playroom. Your spouse has been thinking about turning it into a home gym room. But so far the only thing the room has been doing is holding your holiday decorations.

It’s 2013, so it is finally time to turn that room into something. Become committed in your choice and give that room a purpose, even if in the end you decide to knock out a few walls and combine it with another room to make a larger bedroom or living room.

Going Green
Have you considered bamboo flooring? A lot of people have, as they are turning to alternative and sustainable materials for their homes that is safe for the environment. The trend began last year and looks to be gaining momentum this year as everyone wants to reduce their carbon footprint in every aspect of their lives, including during the home remodeling process. The use of plastics and fiberglass isn’t on a designer’s mind as they are seeking more green products to satisfy a homeowner’s needs.

Brighter Color Palette
No longer are earth tones considered rustic and strictly placed inside country-style homes. Mixed in with the right contemporary style and decorations, you can make rooms stand out by choosing brighter reds, oranges, yellows and greens. Throw away your old color choices of safe, neutral whites and creams. Get bold and tell your painters to splash those bright colors on the walls.

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