We are currently in 2018 and the two biggest sources of video, music, gaming, and applications are still downloading or streaming. With the introduction of tighter laws and security measures on the internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult to download files.


The most popular way to download files off the internet has to be torrents. It has been the leading way to share movies, series, and games for quite some time now. It works using peer-to-peer sharing which sounds complicated but it is really not.


How peer-to-peer sharing works is that instead of downloading the full file from one source (which can take forever if there are a lot of people downloading) it downloads pieces of the file from different sources. This makes it a lot safer and faster to download and is more legal than full-on pirating files.


The problem that has arisen recently is that there are government agencies out there shutting down the websites that have the best torrents. Case and point are when one of the biggest torrent sites, kickasstorrents, were shut down by the FBI a few years back. Since then people have been finding new sites just to have them removed a little while later.


There are sites like thepiratebay that have been around for years and still exists, but they are difficult to keep up with because they constantly have to move domains to stop from being removed off the internet. This can become a very frustrating ordeal when all you want is that one missing episode from the season you want to watch.


Back in 2016, the authorities banned Torrentz which was an extremely popular torrent site (the original torrentz site is now available under the alternative Now Torrentz is back and it promises to be the same, if not even better than the original, under the new name: Torrentz2.


Torrentz2 has the same graphics and performance that the original site had and it has also added some more files to its already impressive library. This website is seen as a sort of meta-search engine because it uses the search results of all users to index its library of files. This makes the site one of the easiest to use and also it almost guarantees that you will find your file – unless it isn’t there.


The homepage of the website is simple and uncluttered. It is very user-friendly – basically, all you have to do is type the file you are looking for in the search bar and hit “search”. Now don’t get me wrong this definitely isn’t the safest way to get content off the internet because these websites are more built for finding what you are looking for rather than protecting your pc. A lot of malware and viruses can be hidden within your download files and you won’t know that they are there until it’s too late.


Therefore, experts such as always recommended buying the official version of what you need rather than downloading it. Apart from the security threats, it is also a more legal way to do things.

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