Towing Services Offered by Companies

Once in awhile we all get stranded on the road with no one to help us out. Needless to say, it is frustrating, and it’s a good idea to have a towing service phone number on your phone. But not to worry, you can always search for such contacts online.  Which services should you expect from a towing service company?

  1. Towing Services

Is your vehicle stuck in the mud or snow?  Or has it stalled altogether on the road and nothing can be done to get it moving once again?  Not to worry, a towing company can send over a truck to tow your car to the nearest garage or even up to their tow yard.

Towing Services Offered by Companies

  1. Changing a Tire

If you get a flat tire or a blowout but do not know how to change a tire, a tow truck operator can install it for you.  If you do not have a spare, he/she can tow your vehicle to the nearest garage of your choice or up to your home.

  1. Fuel Delivery

Most, if not all of us, have run out of gas at one point or the other in our lives.  And yes, we never think it can happen to us, neither do we remember to carry some extra fuel with us whenever we hit the road.  Anyway, not to worry, towing services will always run to your rescue.  They can pick up and deliver fuel to you that will get you back to the road until you reach the next available fuelling station. This beats walking along the road hoping to run into a fuelling station. It is safer, too.

  1. Unlocking Doors

Have you ever lost, misplaced or accidentally locked your keys in your car?  Not to worry, towing services are equipped to help you get access to your vehicle once again.

  1. Jump Start

During freezing weather, getting your car to start can be quite a task.  This is because during frigid temperatures, batteries function at a lower capacity.  This means that you can get easily stuck on the road simply because your vehicle will not start.  If no one has jumper cables, you can call a towing service to come help you out.  If the battery is completely dead, some towing services can replace your battery for you instead of towing you to their tow yard or to a nearby garage to have it replaced.

  1. Minor Repairs

Many tow truck operators are also qualified mechanics.  They can, therefore, assist you with many minor repairs that could be the cause of you getting stuck by the roadside.  Minor repairs such as reconnecting parts can be done on the spot saving you the trouble of having to go to the garage.  This also helps you save on towing costs to the garage to get the same repair work done.

  1. Specialized Towing

Specialized towing services such as those involving luxury cars, limousines, heavy vehicles, industrial equipment, boats, small planes, buses, motor homes and even emergency response vehicles can be provided using heavy duty tow trucks.  If you can get a wheel onto it, a tow truck service should be able to get you to your destination of choice.

  1. Towing Recreational Vehicles

Not only do vehicles get stuck on the road or experience mechanical failure, but recreational vehicles are also prone to pulling such stunts, especially when you least expect. Not to worry, towing services can tow you to wherever you want whether you need towing services for your motorcycle, snowmobile or ATV.

Many towing services companies work around the clock to help you get back on the road safely and in the shortest time possible.  If you are stuck on the road, feel free to contact a towing service within your vicinity for much-needed help.

Written by the staff of Tiger Towing in Columbia, MO.