Transform Angry Customers Into Satisfied Ones

You know you’re having a bad day when an angry customer leaves the door or hangs up the phone. An angry customer will likely tell 10 of her friends how bad your customer service is. Those 10 people will then tell their friends. Bad customer service is like wildfire. You can’t stop it until it’s too late.

Is the customer always right? Of course not! But more often than not, a customer has a valid reason to get angry. How do you turn an angry customer into a happy one? Whether you are a contractor, a freelancer or a small business owner, here are surefire ways to help you deal with an angry customer.

Avoid getting them frustrated
Everyone’s time is valuable. The mere fact that your customer is complaining is already a waste of his or her time and your time as well. Try to resolve a customer’s problem with one person from your company. Avoid transferring calls or calling one person after another to resolve a problem. If a CSR cannot handle a problem, transfer the customer immediately to a supervisor or manager.

Empower your employees
You can cut the red tape by empowering your employees. If a supervisor is not available on site, the most senior employee must be able to handle any situation. Inform your employees of the extent of their decision-making powers so they also know their boundaries.

Be calm but caring
All customer service personnel are trained to be calm but not everyone is taught to actually care for their clients. Make sure that you understand your customer’s plight or put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel?

Your customers will only feel that you don’t understand their situation and that you don’t care if you don’t show them some emotion.

Take advantage of social media
The two most powerful platforms to reach out to your customers are Facebook and Twitter. If your customers post a question or a problem on your wall, make sure that you answer them right away. This will keep them cool until you solve their problems completely.

Make the extra effort
If a customer gets mad in your restaurant, offer a complimentary dessert or give him a discount. Give your customers something to compensate for your shortcomings. It doesn’t need to be expensive. You can give a coupon or a discount card or a free gift item.   

Solve the problem fast
In this day and age, 15 minutes is considered long. Try to resolve the problem in less than 10 minutes. That way, you don’t waste your customer’s time and yours. You will also avoid getting a crowd when your customer loses her temper. Other customers will be turned off at the sight of an angry customer.

Analyze your company
It may be that the problem is within your people, your processes or policies. Try to analyze each of these aspects and figure out what’s wrong. What makes your customers angry? Try to fix the problem from within to avoid angry customers in the future.

In the end, it’s all a matter of understanding where the customer is coming from. If you can do this then your angry customer will surely turn into a happy one.

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