Travelling With Teenagers – The Inside Story

Going on holiday with teenagers can be a challenging experience.  You may find that they are resistant to the idea of going on holiday with mum and dad, even if it is a free week in the sun, but you should be very wary if this is the case because it is likely that your little angels are planning to hold a wild party in your absence.  So now that you have been persuaded to take them with you, how can you be sure of a hassle free holiday in the sun?

Pick the Right Holiday Destination

Just because you fancy a quiet and relaxing break in a village that time forgot, should you have teenagers in tow, this is guaranteed to cause nothing but problems from day one.  For starters, teenagers expect a certain level of entertainment and twelve hours lying on a sun lounger with a pile of books does not count as entertainment.  Secondly, teenagers are controlled by hormones, so if there is very little in the way of attractive scenery to gaze at, they will probably go looking for some.

What Kind of Holiday Will Be Best for Teenagers?

A week in Magaluf or Ibiza would be just the ticket for most teenagers, but as their parents you would have a hideous time, so this is not an option.  But in order to keep the peace, you still need to take them somewhere with nightlife, beaches and lots of other people their own age.  This probably describes hundreds of resorts across Europe, but the Algarve is a great choice for parents and teenagers alike because it has top quality resort complexes such as Vale do Lobo, plus culture and nightlife in abundance.

Keeping a Close Eye on Teenagers

In theory teenagers are old enough to look after themselves and stay out of trouble.  In practice this is about as far from the truth as you can get, particularly if they have access to alcohol.  So in order to avoid any nasty incidents you all might live to regret, it is a good idea to keep your teenagers under close supervision at all times.  During the day, this should be fairly easy as most of them sleep until at least lunchtime, but at night, once the bars and clubs open, you are going to have to limit their drinking and partying, particularly if they are underage.

Daytime Activities

Staying in a resort complex such as Vale do Lobo in the Algarve is perfect for families, including those with older children and teenagers.  There are plenty of sporting activities to keep kids of all ages amused and if you encourage your teenagers to do some physical exercise during the day, hopefully they will be far too tired by night fall to do much more than laze around and stay out of trouble.

No Drinking to Excess

Most teenagers consider it a poor night out if there is no alcohol on offer, but you should try and encourage your teenagers to avoid drinking to excess where possible.  Obviously if they are legally adults, this is a difficult rule to enforce, but if they are younger and you still have some authority over them, you need to take the ‘tough love’ approach.

All Night Parties

Staying out all night, drinking and partying with members of the opposite sex and then rolling in completely inebriated just as the sun is rising is simply not acceptable when you are surrounded by other families with young children.  So if these type of antics occur, read your teenagers the riot act and warn them that if they persist in their bad behaviour, mobile phones will be confiscated for all eternity.

Steven Capocci understands the many issues that come with taking teenagers on holiday. Therefore he recommends that it is important that you find somewhere to take them like Vale do Lobo which has things to keep them constantly occupied.

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